Saturday, April 19, 2008

concert review: the starting line (april 11, 2008)

aahhhh, the starting line. their last houston show was a week ago. it was a joyous and heartbreaking affair. i have the biggest soft spot for this band. bayside, bore year strong and steel train opened, and i did a review.


read the review here.

the starting line on myspace
bayside on myspace
steel train on myspace

- grizzly

p.s. i'm sorry about the lack of music, but i've been hectic with school, so i figure it's better to post something rather than absolutely nothing. summer's coming soon. holler.

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Getback Skeeza said...

Hey, hey ,hey. No one asked you about school n’ shit! You better start posting music again or someone is gonna get hurt in dis bitch!