Friday, May 30, 2008

i got about 40 thou.

40,000 hits.
we win.

thanks for reading.
if you have any suggestions on how to make this blog rule, find us.

designer alchemy (panda)
the lotterytouch (grizzly)



-holla at cha boys


yes, i am seriously posting about lost. the finale was incredible. i always wonder if any of our readers actually watch the brilliance that is LOST. god knows it's run my life for the past three years (i caught on late).

please spam my aim (to the right side of the screen) with articles. i'm bored at work.

i've been wasting hours on end reading random bullshit about it, so i'll share:

lost's top 15 moments according to entertainment weekly.

recap of the season four finale (spoilers, but a great read)


p.s. john locke for life!
p.p.s. i am speaking on my behalf. the other dirty brown man doesn't watch lost and is a complete failure.

sigur ros - gobbledigook (2008)

sigur ros has posted their incredible new single, and has all the snob blogs up in arms. this one shall join the ranks of those and do the same. and wow, it's in english.

the album, með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, (translated: with a buzz in our ears we play endlessly) will be out in a few weeks on june 24.


sigur ros - gobbledigook


Thursday, May 29, 2008

kid sister - pro nails - tepr remix (2008)

been a while since i posted any remixes, so i figure i'll throw up this TEPR remix of pro nails. good shit. and seriously, kid sister is so damn cute.

download (right click, save as):

kid sister - pro nails (tepr remix)

-kid grizzly

radiohead - live in dallas (5-18-2008)

as if not getting tickets to the houston show wasn't bad enough (yes, i bought kanye tickets instead) a live set from the night after goes up and the setlist is UNREAL. you can download the entire show here.


nas - illmatic (1994)

as far as my stance on this album goes, there are very few words to describe this album. to sum it up, it's brilliant. nasir jones is one of the greatest musicians of all time. any sub-par album he ever releases will be overshadowed by the fact that he released this album at the age of 21.

basically, he puts out a revolutionary album at the age of 21, and i blog about it when i'm 21. my life sucks.



puff daddy and the family - no way out (1997)

alright, alright. "diddy" doesn't put out the greatest music anymore. but this album (in my eyes, anyway) is a classic. puffy was never the greatest emcee, but his debut is full-blown proof that he is a great producer and can get enough heat on his album to make an impact. growing up, this was one of my favorite albums, and i bumped it for weeks straight after i got my hands on it.

hell up in harlem.


-puff daddy and the grizzly

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the stryder

a couple of people have informed me that the link to the stryder album i posted is dead, and have inquired about other stryder releases.. so i figured while i'm uploading, i may as well just remind you of their amazing-ness and do another post with both full lengths.

the stryder were criminally underrated during their time. and since apparently the stryder albums are impossible to find online (at least, not for download).. i'm assuming the same is true today. while i have seen them name dropped on a few message boards, i think it's still safe to say that this is the best band you never gave a chance. fusing elements of post hardcore, hip hop, jazz, indie rock, and whatever else they could get their hands (ears?) on, i really think the stryder had something special going during their brief existence. i know from the first time i heard them on an evr sampler (cassette tape!) in high school, that they could do no wrong in my eyes. and i was right. expanding their sound on their last release, they went out with a bang that no one heard.

peter toh and scottie redex both have their solo projects going on now, and while both are incredible in their own right.. the two stryder full lengths will always have a place in my stereo.

download masquerade in the key of crime (2000):

download jungle city twitch (2002):

- masquerade in the key of panda

Monday, May 26, 2008

daft punk meet louis vuitton (2007)

this isn't by any means new, but i thought it was kind of lame that we hadn't posted it (especially since it came out around the time we started this blog). this is a runway mix that daft punk did for louis vuitton's spring/summer '08 womens line. it's a pretty sick mix. get at it for sixteen minutes of live daft goodness (plus a sebastian remix of sebastian tellier, ratatat, busta rhymes, and of course, yeezy).

do work son.

- panda

65daysofstatic - dance parties (2008)

huge fan of this band. nearly lost my shit when i heard these two songs. they're off of their new ep with a title i'm too lazy to type. it's about dance parties though. and there are vocals. i'm just gonna assume that this is their personal take on the recent dance/electro/pop/whatever wave, haha. be sure to grab the destruction of small ideals, too.

65dos on myspace

download (right click, save as):

dance parties (distant)
dance parties (mechanized)


p.s. jerome hooked up a dope ass new banner. send him hate mail, anyway.

music video: ratatat - mirando (2008)

another bizarre mindfuck video by ratatat. this is a new cut off of their new album, LP3, due out july 8. great album, as the duo brings hotness as usual. i'm sure you'll be seeing this video behind ratatat's stage set up in no time. speaking of which, i'd really like to catch em live again.

check out older ratatat post here.

music video for mirando:

-brainwashed grizzly

kenna - say goodbye to love remix f/ lupe fiasco (2008)

aside from being a complete tool and ignoring this album, i got my hands on this remix and love it. it's a shame lupe's only putting out one more album. anyway, expect a post about kenna fairly soon.

kenna on myspace.


kenna - say goodbye to love (remix) f/ lupe fiasco


a tribe called quest - midnight marauders (1993)

as my contribution to roshan's "classic hip hop" posts, i'm gonna throw some love to one of my favs of all time, and one of my biggest personal influences, a tribe called quest. i remember this skateboard kid spun records and shit getting me way into these dudes when i was like 14. i'm choosing this album instead of the love movement because of the track "award tour" alone. remember when mtv used to do that x-games type shit? i remember the tribe killing it with that track. anyway, get on this album and relive a classic.

video for "award tour":

download midnight marauders:

(i forgot my external at work, so this isn't my link. i'll replace it when i get it back).

- a tribe called panda

grum - go back (le castle vania remix) (2008)

le castle vania is back in them guts with a new remix of grum's "go back". add this shit to your myspace page and get your hipster friends shaking in their computer chairs.


grum - go back (le castle vania remix)

- panda

Friday, May 23, 2008

video: usher - moving mountains (2008)

here's the new (extremely cheesy) video from usher. picks up where love in this club left off. this song is pretty great, and i'm just a sucker for this type of old school r+b shit. beat's hot too, except it is too much of a timbo rip-off to me. either way, here's the new video.

download (right click, save as):

usher - moving mountains


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the cool kids - cool ass ninjas (2008)

the bake sale hit itunes today and is an instant classic (even though most of the album's tracks could be found on the free 2003 ep totally flossed out. i'm not crying, though. here's a new mixtape from the duo that pretty much has the best title ever.

the cool kids on myspace.



for the record, all i've been listening to is hip-hop lately, so pretty much everything i have posted in the last few days have been obviously focused on it. just lettin' you know.

lupe fiasco vs. justice - the coolest vs. let there be light (2008)

so, lupe's opening track at the glow in the dark tour (sorry jerome) was "the coolest" mashed up with justice's "let there be light." needless to say, holy shit. a dj by the name of minimaxX brought this mash-up to fruition and released it to the interwebs. despite the lower quality, i love it.


lupe fiasco vs. justice - the coolest vs. let there be light


kidz in the hall - drivin' down the block - remix f/el-p (2008)

if you haven't already, hop on to the in crowd by kidz in the hall. easily one of the better hip-hop albums of 08 thus far. this is a slick remix of their single, and features el-p (a dude who i'm not too big on) but brings it anyway. thanks to a little baby who gave me this.

kidz in the hall on myspace


kidz in the hall - drivin' down the block (el-p remix)

-grizzlies in the hall

jay-z - ain't i (2008)

i guess you could say i'm one of the few who has pretty much loved everything HOV has done. yes, including kingdom come. and no, probably not vol. III. regardless, he has a swagger like no other. this is apparently his new single off of the blueprint: 3 (WHAT THE FUCK) and is produced by none other than timbo himself.


jay-z - ain't i


Sunday, May 18, 2008

2pac - all eyez on me (1996)

tupac was (is?) a true poet and lyrical genius and king of his craft. for the purpose of the second installment of a classic hip-hop album(s), i'm choosing his last album released before he died (excluding the makaveli album). if anything, you get two albums of solid gold.

anyway, read up on pac's wikipedia page also.


disc one.

disc two.


the notorious b.i.g. - ready to die (1994)

ok, i was thinking about updating some essential hip-hop for quite some time. first up is christopher wallace/biggie smalls/notorious/frank white. instead of writing a novel about how dope he is, i'm gonna refer you to his wikipedia page. and yes, i'm serious.

anyway, this is one of the best hip-hop albums ever created. i remember hearing it for the first time in 7th grade and losing my shit over it.


-the notorious g.r.i.z.z.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

so me - decalcomania (2008)

this track is dope. one of the few off of ed banger's volume III sampler that i really took a liking to. i expect more tracks like this one from so me in 08.


so me - decalcomania


Monday, May 12, 2008

video: chromeo - fancy footwork (2008)

how late am i on this? dope video for fans of long legs...ha.


n.e.r.d. - everybody nose (remix) f/ CRS and pusha T (2008)

fuck my life. new n.e.r.d. track, "everybody nose." except that it's a remix with CRS aka lupe fiasco and yeezy, and pusha T. what. the. hell.
song is absolutely nuts.

link removed.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

nurses - hangin' nothing but our heads down (2007)

to deem this effort "eclectic" wouldn't do the word justice. nurses is a group out of chicago signed to sargent house records. i pretty much slept on this debut. i listened to it last year, and i thought it was a great record, i just never gave it the amount of spins it deserved. while i'm on the SH tip, i figured it'd be nice to mention one of their finest albums. give them a listen on myspace (even though most of those songs aren't even on this album) and if you dig what you hear, check this album out.

nurses on myspace.



maps and atlases - trees, swallows, houses (2006)

sick of sargent house yet? maps and atlases is a group out of chi-town. their sound is a little off, so it'll definitely take a few minutes for the vocals and musical style to set in. if you're a fan of bands like daughters (with cleaner vocals and songs longer than 40 seconds) and hella, then maps and atlases should be nothing too far off of your music tastes.

maps and atlases on myspace



circa survive - 1,000 witnesses (2008)

sooooo, i'm gonna be really lazy with this post. it's a b-side from on letting go, and it's good.

edit: had no clue but the song was up for a donation to invisible children.


feel free to donate to invisible children here.

circa survive on myspace


link taken down.


sargent house records

so i'm gonna ride the jock of this record label for a minute.

i'm gonna steal this list right off of their web site:

Daughters, Good Old War, Love You Moon, Maps & Atlases, Moonrats, Nurses, Red Sparowes, Russian Circles, RX Bandits, Technology, Tera Melos, These Arms Are Snakes

...i mean, seriously. there is a slew of amazing jams that await you.

sargent house on myspace.

you will definitely be seeing more of sargent house on WWM (staring in a minute). i'm a huge fan of a lot of these bands, so keep an eye out.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

concert review: kanye west/the glow in the dark tour (may 2, 2008)


The Glow in the Dark Tour
Kanye West
with Rihanna, N.E.R.D. and Lupe Fiasco
May 2, 2008
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, The Woodlands, TX

To consider Kanye West’s Glow in the Dark Tour epic would be an incredible understatement. The tour shuffled its way through Texas last week, including one of the few amphitheater stops at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion on May 2nd.

West had been hard at work months prior to the tour, prepping up for what was to be the summer blockbuster tour to end all tours. All creative aspects of this tour were meticulously crafted and executed by Mr. West and his production team. Everything from creating new samples by Daft Punk, to working with the Jim Henson company for animations, to constructing a spaceship for West's transportation was thought out and planned.

From the seconds the lights dimmed to the time the venue’s lights came on, the crowd was deafening. The 17,000+ capacity venue was packed to the brim with screaming and hyped fans.

As West’s set began, the crowd was introduced to Jane, which we would find out is West’s spaceship. West and Jane were on a mission to find other sources of creativity as they crash landed on another planet. Once creativity was found, the duo could find their way back home, where they would embrace the newfound creativity. Although an overall cheesy concept, it supplied very entertaining filler in between songs.

West flew through an energetic hour and a half set, blazing through the majority of Graduation, most notably “Good Morning,” “Can’t Tell Me Nothin’” and hit single, “Stronger.”

West also made a point to revisit old material, as he rocked “Get Em’ High,” “Spaceship” and breakthrough single “Through the Wire” from debut album The College Dropout. From Late Registration, notables were “Diamonds (from Sierra Leone)” and set closer “Touch the Sky,” which featured a cameo from opener Lupe Fiasco, which went over very well with the Houston crowd.

The lineup on this tour was excellent, and another huge incentive to attend. Lupe Fiasco hit the stage much earlier than he should have, as the crowd was still filing in as he played. His set was showcased to a half-packed lawn and predominately empty seats, so one could imagine his disappointment.

In spite of the complications, Lupe’s 30-minute set was entertaining and comprised mostly of songs fromThe Cool. Lupe happened to bring his entourage, including Matthew Santos, Bishop G and Nikki Jean, which provided the extra energy the crowd needed to see. Another pleasant surprise was bringing Houston’s own Bun B of UGK fame on stage for a song as well.

N.E.R.D. was up next, and did an excellent job of getting the crowd involved, complete with “hell-yeahs” and chants of “N-E-R-D” throughout. Frontman Pharrell Williams knows exactly how to work a crowd and managed to captivate them enough to interact with an act that they may have slipped from their radars.

Rihanna’s set was the least enjoyable of the night. Overall, it was just an oddly-placed pop act amidst a handful of respectable hip-hop artists. Despite being a crowd favorite and a very decent cover of M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes,” Rihanna’s set was forgettable at best. And yes, she played "Umbrella."

Hands down, this was one of the best tours I have seen. Mr. West and company worked extremely hard for a complete and cohesive product, and it delivered 100 percent. It really is no wonder that Kanye West got so heated over Entertainment Weekly’s B+.


p.s. setlist is in the comments. don't read if you don't want to spoil it.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

estelle - american boy (f/ kanye west) (2008)

it's about time kanye got on a straight pop track. straight out of the UK, estelle is bringing back a more urban pop, and manages to keep it bubbly. and sure enough, kanye kills it on this track.

estelle on myspace.


estelle - american boy (f/ kanye west)

-grizzly don't act a fool, now now.

mickey factz f/ the cool kids - rockin n rollin (remix) (2008)

this is a dope ass new song from a new york artist by the name of mickey factz. dude hooked up with the cool kids for a clean track. is that an accordian? can't wait to hear more from him. anybody have any recs for him? hook it up.

mickey factz on myspace.


mickey factz - rockin and rollin f/the cool kids

-grizzly factz

saves the day - stay what you are (2001)

one of my favorite albums of all time. i wish they played more off of it when i caught their tour a few weeks ago. then i found out that they played the entire album in some buttfuck town. whatever town that was, my goal is to set it on fire.

anyways, it's summer time. break out the pop punk and roll your windows down.

saves the day on myspace.


-saves the grizzly

t.i. - no matter what (2008)

hot new track off of t.i.'s paper trail. i guess the house arrest is giving him some of the spark from king back. paper trail's out in september 08.

download (not my link. courtesy of hip hop street):

t.i. - no matter what


mos def - black on both sides (1999)

this is mos' best album to date. unreal. if you haven't already, check out the earlier post panda made about true magic.

mos def on myspace