Thursday, July 31, 2008

justice - dior homme spring summer '09 mix

a second or two late on this one, but here's justice's runway mix for the recent dior homme show held in paris. get hype.

justice on myspace.

download the justice mix for dior homme.

- panda

p.s. i was a little dissapointed when i saw pictures of the actual line. dior homme is usually one of the best lines out, but they hit a little on the trendy side with this one. still some ill shit though.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

young jeezy - put on (remix) featuring jay-z (2008)

just when i couldn't love this song anymore, hova jumps on it and kills it. even though it's missing the ye' verse, hova ALMOST makes up for it. jeezy has a new verse too. absolutely disgusting.


young jeezy - put on (remix) featuring jay-z

update (8/5): RE-UPPED with kanye's verse spliced in. high quality. shit is ace.


album review: eye alaska - yellow and elephant ep (2008)

Artist: Eye Alaska
Album: Yellow and Elephant EP
Record Label: Fearless Records
Release Date: July 22, 2008

There are several record labels that take risks by signing artists that will stick out as sore thumbs. In this case, we have Fearless Records, who are notorious for signing generic rock bands by the boatload, and their signing of Orange, California’s Eye Alaska. Eye Alaska are undoubtedly the black sheep of Fearless, straying away from run-of-the-mill pop-rock and infusing it with soul, rhythm and blues and jazz, and recently released Yellow

The quartet recently released Yellow and Elephant, their debut 6-song genre-bending EP. “I Knew You’d Never Fly” immediately hooks the listener in with the soaring croon of lead singer Brandon Wronski.

Eye Alaska’s best asset is easily the vocal dynamic between Wronski and back-up singing from bassist Chris Osegueda, and guitarists Cameron Trowbridge and Chase Kensrue, the latter of which is the younger brother of Dustin Kensrue, lead singer of Thrice. The quartet finds a safe place between soul and R&B, and makes the vocals the center force behind each song.

Musically, the band isn’t spectacular by any means, but considering that they just released their debut EP, one would assume that they’re on the right track. Songs like “Stop Me Now…I’m Not Ready” and “Through the Willows and Streams” are outstanding examples of their musicianship. The songs blend several layers of programming and electronics, incorporating orchestral arrangements and the use of brass instruments along the way, opting for a very cinematic and eclectic listen.

The highlight of the EP is “Roll Right Over,” which one could pin down as a contemporary hit straight from the radio during the 90s. All four vocalists mesh perfectly over the song, which would be an ideal candidate on the soundtrack to your summer night.

Yellow and Elephant
, while a strong debut, is a little short. With the total running time a little over 20 minutes, Eye Alaska leaves the listener unfulfilled and wanting more. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Their ability to crossover between genres could be very beneficial for the band’s future. Let’s just hope Fearless Records sees the same potential in the group and invests enough time and promotion to help properly launch this young band’s career.

Grade: B+

sidebar: this EP is my current EP of the year. full length immediately, please.

and if you're not convinced, go listen to the tracks on their myspace immediately.


Monday, July 28, 2008

movie review: the wackness (2008)

so i caught the wackness last night, and i'm completely content with it. to clear it up, the movie isn't necessarily groundbreaking or amazing, but it is definitely well-done. aside from a few cheesy lines (especially the line where the movie's title originated from, haha), there is solid dialogue.

josh peck (yes, from drake and josh) has a bright future. the only advice that i hope someone has already given him is to try not to be pigeonholed into one role and one genre, like john cho. but the transition in his roles from drake and josh to the wackness is extreme, and i feel like there should've been some sort of gap that needed to be bridged.

there was a solid cast, too. ben kingsley is awesome, aside from being extremely creepy. now, i'll save you from spoilers, but the images from one scene have forever been burned into my mind. the worst aspects of the movie were method man's god awful jamaican accent (i'm not convinced) and mary-kate olsen as a drugged out hippie. seriously.

above all, the soundtrack is incredible. any fan of old school hip-hop will be more than happy to see mentions and clips of a tribe called quest, biggie smalls, nas and biz markie among many others. aside from being historically accurate, the soundtrack was intertwined with the movie in true spike lee fashion.

oh, and pick up/find the soundtrack immediately.

grade: B-

also, i'll leave you with this creepy picture of josh peck:


astra moveo - new songs + downloads

staying out all night + grinding on strangers + making love + rinse + repeat = astra moveo.

you might remember astra moveo from a post i did when we first started up the blog. anyway, the colorado beast are back with two new tracks, "kill ya stereo" and "shake the heavens". put on your sunday best before hitting the play button, because i promise you'll be grinding on the first person you see once they start (and we all like to look our best for a good grind session).

if you dig innerpartysystem (see a few posts down), the faint, etc.. definitely get into this. tossing in a disco/funk edge, they somehow manage to both dirty up and bring a fresh edge to the electro/rock genre. hopefully a proper release sees the light of day sooner than later.. but in the meantime, you've got these new tracks, plus i'm including the four songs they have up for download.

listen to two new astra moveo songs on myspace.

download four astra moveo tracks.

- panda moveo

Sunday, July 27, 2008

team 20/20 presents: CRS - rebel music mixtape (2008)

you know i only post mixtapes when they go off. this shit is completely fresh. and try not to attempt to get your b-boy on to this tape. i dare you. the fanboy in me is saving several buckets worth of tears for the release of a crs album. brought to you by team 20/20, hosted by n.e.r.d.


-grizzly rebel soldier

the bled - pass the flask (2003)

i never really thoroughly enjoyed many hardcore releases from bands like this until i heard this album. whatever genre you wanna label it as is over saturated with clones and clones of the same shit. but the first time i heard this album, i threw myself down a flight of stairs and punched several children. disgusting riffs, an incredible drummer, the most guttural vocals and one of the best one-liners mold together to form 'pass the flask.'

let's set our hearts at self-destruct.

the bled on myspace.



monument monument - sleep well when you're there (2008)

so we've blogged these dudes before, and i got really excited when i saw that the group posted up a new EP for free. read up and grab this very free EP over at their website. young talents with a big future if they play their cards right. not to mention, anything remotely pop-rock with r&b influence means i'm sold.


and if you like it, toss them a few bucks. or some onion rings. either way.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

ludacris - stay together (2008)

i love luda. homeboy has a charisma and a certain spark and swagger that is unparalleled by most of mainstream hip-hop. either way, here is a new cut, along with a freestyle he did over jeezy's put on as a bonus. can't wait for his next album.


ludacris - stay together
ludacris - put on freestyle


cursive - the ugly organ (2003)

cursive are one of the better indie bands of our time. despite the "old album is better" crowd, i personally feel that the ugly organ is and always will be their best work. the ugly organ is a haunting and morbid rock opera/play about sex and relationships, complete with kasher's self-loathing tendencies. this album will swoon you as well as mercilessly beat you.

i miss greta.

cursive on myspace



p.s. tim kasher > conor oberst as far as saddle creek songwriters go. eat it.

acceptance - undone ep (2005)

acceptance was a criminally underrated band. considering the fact that they were on columbia records, they should've blown up. but like most bands that were too good for their time, they've since broken up and moved onto many subpar bands. jason, the lead vocalist, had one of the best voices in modern rock at the time. jason really shines on the undone ep (which was released as a bonus or something??). the acoustic version of "take cover" is arguably better than the original, too. either way, dig on these if you haven't already.

download the undone ep:

acceptance - undone EP
(no artwork, apologies)


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

innerpartysystem - the download ep (2007)

these guys are definitely an exciting up and coming act. the buzz has been building around them for a while now, and they're definitely living up to it. i love the fact that they put just as much effort into the visual aspect of their sound as they do their music. i keep hearing amazing things about their live show, but that couldn't get me to go see them this past week. i mean, i would have had to see the white tie affair, the medic droid, and kill hannah. not to mention the 16 year old scenesters that would have been in full effect. bad music + bad people = no thanks. i'll wait till they're on a good tour.

anyway, if you haven't jumped on the bandwagon by now, download this ep and prepare to start grinding on whatever is closest to you.

innerpartysystem on myspace.

watch their video for "don't stop":

download the download ep:

- innerpandasystem

peter toh - hollywood (2008)

toh just don't stop. our boy's back with another new demo straight off the laptop and into your ears. give this one a listen, it's a different step for him.. but i'm definitely feeling the vibe. more upbeat, more diverse, still dope. get with it.

note to labels out there: pick this album up. this dude is a workhorse with a sincerity in his music that's lacking in most of the "artists" on your collective rosters. if there's anyone you should listen to, it's we wore masks.. bears have better taste than any a&r rep out there.

listen to hollywood on myspace.

- panda can't wait for the wildlife.

gym class heroes - peace sign up, index down (video)

i couldn't possibly care less what anyone says.. this shit is ill.

look ma, no hands.

- panda

Monday, July 21, 2008

we're the red light sting!

i was absolutely sure i had posted about the red light sting before. but after checking our tags/labels, i realized that apparently i haven't. fear not though.. after this post, i'm going outside and kicking my own ass.

the red light sting were the best band you never listened to when the whole dance/indie/punk thing was big in the underground a few years ago (hot hot heat, yeah yeah yeahs, etc). take one part pretty girls make graves, one part blood brothers, and one part dfa 1979.. and you'll definitely get an idea of where the red light sting were coming from. i always thought they did an amazing job of standing out on their own though. while often being compared to the bands they toured with regularly from the seattle/northwest scene, they still had their own sound that was challenging, and made for an amazing live show. i had the privilege of seeing them on their last tour with gerling and daughters and good lord.. asses were definitely danced off that night. star shaped tambourine and all.

all the members have moved on to new musical and creative endevors (ache records, the epidemic, secret mommy, winning, baby control, etc).. these kids just don't stop. here's their full length album, split with hot hot heat, and 2 ep's for you to remember (or discover) them by.

the red light sting on myspace.

download their full length, hands up, tiger:

download our love is soaking in it:

download rub em down, rub em out:

download their split with hot hot heat:

- those pandas will get you in trouble!

(p.s. to anyone that does recall this band.. did anyone else have as big of a crush on zoe as i did? two words: jogging shorts.)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

a whisper in the noise - dry land (2007).

imagine taking radiohead's slower, more intense moments and combining them with old nine inch nails moments where trent would strip things down and give you simple, haunting pieces, and finally adding some of the more intense moments on cursive's the ugly organ.. then imagine having this played in a dive bar in the middle of nowhere at three in the morning.

this should help give you an idea of what you're getting yourself into when you listen to this self described 'southern gothic' band. while i was reading a different review, someone mentioned david lynch-esque landscapes as a description. i really couldn't agree more. awitn aren't necessarily as avant garde, but they are definitely as dark and chilling.. while at the same time having beauty to offer with what they do. to quote part of the band's bio, "a whisper in the noise evokes a lullaby only half remembered, and the half remembered suggests a companion melody that (though unheard) is somehow unspeakably sad."

a whisper in the noise on myspace.

download dry land:

- a panda in the noise

Saturday, July 19, 2008

the dark knight (2008)

hate to be that blogger riding the jock of the entire united states of america, but the dark knight is one of the best films i've ever seen. i tried to run through the entire movie in my head to get my inner critic to find at least one thing wrong with this movie, and it's damn near impossible. fantastic cast of actors. brilliant cinematography. unbelievable score. and yes, heath ledger will go down as a better joker than jack nicholson himself. there are very few words to express his performance and very few words to say about this movie.

even if you aren't a fan of the batman story, this movie is STILL worth seeing repeated times. it's just one of those things you'll have to see. i'm sure i'll be catching it once or twice more while it's in theaters, and will definitely be a worthwhile DVD purchase. this isn't supposed to be a review or anything, but i highly recommend catching the dark knight if you haven't already. it's an experience that will go unparalleled as far as the moviegoer experiences of 2008 will go.

and without any hesitation, i'd give the dark knight an A+.


Friday, July 18, 2008

music video: the carps - heaven's gates and hell's flames (2008)

why is this canadian duo not your new favorite band? give me one good reason. you don't have a good one.. i know. if you haven't gotten either ep by these guys, i'd definitely suggest changing that asap. anyway, here's the video for "heaven's gates and hell's flames" off their latest ep, waves and shambles.

and just for fun, let's revisit the amazingness that is the video for "compton to scorboro".

the carps on myspace.

- panda

ink & dagger - the fine art of original sin (2000)

the almighty ink & dagger. some of you may have heard the name, but never given them a chance. i'm not sure how grizzly feels about them, but here's your chance.. this one is panda approved. this vampire themed band fused DC style post hardcore with punk and post everything rock, with bits of electronic shit thrown in. in case you didn't know, their lead singer sean was found dead shortly after the band broke up in '99. i'll let his words sum up the band and hopefully inspire you to download this classic release:

"We are a direct product of the combination of a hardcore and punk culture. After devoting a majority of our present lives to it, we felt we had an overwhelming view into how much potential it could contain if certain aspects of it were destroyed. Our entire reason for existing is, to quote Spacemen 3, so "things will never be the same again". Our ambition is fueled solely by our own selfish wants and desires, while at the same time maintaining a direct networking relationship to people who share the same ideas of existing in a freethinking society. We think that people should be able to fully express themselves without fear of unacceptance or shun from their peers. This band is about expression of ideas and music, which definitely isn't a new concept, but rather a concept that has been bogged down by the overall scene politics dictating a "who's cool hierarchy". We're taking the risks and having a laugh at our own expense so people may be inspired to take action in achieving their own personal goals, just like we are."

truer words..

download the fine art of original sin:

- panda

Thursday, July 17, 2008

peter toh - american dream (2008)

peter toh is in the building.. feel him.

our favorite ex the stryder vocalist/guitarist turned solo artist is back with a new demo called "american dream". it's a bedroom/laptop demo that's definitely got some heat and is apparently a further evolution of an earlier demo called "sweaty night". this new demo is all about the chill. mellow and engaging, toh's soulful croon in tact.

give this one a listen, add it to your myspace profile, and get ready for wildlife.. his full length album that will be dropping sooner than a girl that says yes to soon.

our boy will also be dropping the title track from his album in the next week or so, so be prepared for some next level shit. HIDDEN TRACK, HOLLER AT YOUR BEARS FOR SOME EXCLUSIVES.

listen to american dream at peter toh's myspace.

- panda toh

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

music video: fonzworth bentley - everybody f. andre 3000, sa-ra, kanye west (2008)

hilarious video. three stacks kills this track.


-fonzworth grizzly

p.s. holla! see ya next week


so today's roshan's 22nd birthday. everyone should leave sexy comments and send him sexy presents. homeboy loves n00dz (of both genders). i went down to houston for the weekend, and we destroyed our livers (and the livers of our friends). big ups to southside discotech for making me carry his tall ass up a flight of stairs. and big ups to greyhound for saving me gas money that i instead spend on vodka.

since i was in houston all weekend, we were late getting our weekly mux up. it's up now.. and it's a good one, so be sure you're checking that shit out every sunday. it's about the only thing i actually try to do on time in my life.

roshan will be out of town for the next week, so don't expect many updates from him. but in his absence, i'll actually be posting updates. i'll have one or two later tonight, and plenty over the next week.

- panda and his sneakers.

album review: nas - untitled (2008)

Artist: Nas
Album: Untitled
Record Label: The Jones Experience/Def Jam/Columbia
Release Date: July 15, 2008

Nasir Jones has been a pivotal force in hip-hop, weaving in and out of the spotlight for over a decade now. Since 1994, Nas has made sure to challenge the pressures of conforming to mainstream sound while maintaining intellectual and thought-provoking rhymes.

Nas has seen nothing but controversy surrounding his racially and politically charged ninth studio album. At its conception, the album was originally titled Nigger, but after much deliberation, Nas would eventually cave and change the name to Untitled, when the album’s release began to hang in the balance for outlets such as Wal-Mart. However, Nas released a mixtape with DJ Green Lantern in early June to push his original concept, spitefully titled The Nigger Tape.

On Untitled, Nas wastes no time as he begins to flow effortlessly over the hushed piano chords of “Queens Get the Money,” and forces himself into the hip-hop game as he raps, “Hip-hop was aborted/Nas breathes life into the embryo.”

Untitled follows a very loose concept of the awareness of African Americans, heard in songs like “The Slave and the Master” and “America,” but also tackles many political issues. “Sly Fox” is a lyrical assault on the 'visual cancer' tendencies of the Fox News Network. Likewise, “Black President,” a snare-heavy track complete with sample of Tupac Shakur’s “Changes,” alludes to the 2008 presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Nas’ strong suit is and always be his lyrical prowess. The veteran emcee has a way of writing songs that feel completely natural and graceful. Even on “Hero,” the album’s lead single, Nas finds himself rapping over a radio-friendly beat, but manages to rise above the average mainstream talent.

There are very few roadblocks standing in the way of Untitled from becoming a near-classic album. The awkwardly placed “Testify” and the forced rhymes of “Breathe,” hinder the album’s power. “Make the World Go Round” is a little atypical of Nas, considering the fact that Chris Brown is the last person one would expect to provide guest vocals for this album. However, Brown and West-Coast powerhouse The Game collaborate with Nas for one of the strongest songs on the album.

Untitled is not a mainstream-friendly record by any means. Other than “Hero” there are very few tracks that will see commercial success. However, Nas has always kept a level head, and never seems to make records for a buck. Not to mention, the support of his dedicated fan base will always allow him to remain relevant. Nas is one of the few remaining emcees in hip-hop with a purpose and as long as he’s creating music, there is very little chance of hip-hop being dead.

Grade: A-

-grizzly escobar

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the sound of animals fighting - the tiger and the duke re-issue (2007)

the sound of animals fighting announced their tracklisting and posted their artwork today, and it reminded me to throw on this album again.

i still remember when this album dropped. a. green, members of finch and rx bandits. at the time i lost my shit. anyway, the new album is apparently the original lineup sans craig owens, keith goodwin and the indian lady. sounds good to me.

tsoaf on myspace


-the sound of grizzlies fighting

further seems forever - how to start a fire (2003)

so i blogged the moon is down, so i had to pay homage to this one. it's been a never ending debate on the moon is down vs. how to start a fire. without a single doubt in my mind, i choose this album.

jason gleason will never be a part of anything more impressive than this vocally. this is probably somewhere in my top 25 albums of all time and i can't remember how many times i've actually listened to it.

gleason is now in old wives, formerly actionreaction. we'll see what's up with their next album. in the meantime, listen to and love this album if you haven't already.


-grizzly seems forever

p.s. you won't see a hide nothing`post. jon bunch destroyed this band.

further seems forever - the moon is down (2001)

< insert picture of FSF and chris carabba, which is seemingly impossible. >

i was sitting at work and saw some thread on some shitty, addicting website that i spend all my free time at work on. it was about further seems forever, a band with many faces/styles/singers.

their debut, the moon is down is a classic. here, you'll find chris carrabba fronting a band that was way ahead of their time, in this blogger's opinion. which would end up being the case, seeing as how everyone loves this album now and was MIA when this album dropped.

anyway, enjoy this classic.

-grizzly seems forever

digitalism - kitsune tabloid (2008)

been a minute since we made a post by these dudes, so hit up the digitalism myspace to download "kitsune tabloid," mixed/compiled by the duo. hot shit. it's a little over a week old, but i'm late with everything. and you shouldn't be visiting other blogs anyway.
weworemasks or die.


interview: gym class heroes - vans warped tour 2008

so i got hooked up at warped and got to sit down with matt (drums) and disashi (guitar) of gym class heroes (/cool brag) and talked to them about new music, new tours and what have you. i have a bunch of other interviews, but i didn't write stories for em. they're boring, so i'll stick with this one.

read an article/interview with matt/disashi of gym class heroes here.

and for all you people hatin' on cookie jar..uncalled for. i love this song.


gym class heroes - cookie jar

the quilt is in stores 9/9/08.

-gym class grizzlies

concert review: vans warped tour 2008

so i went to the warped tour this past sunday, and indulged in about 7 hours worth of awesome (aka shitty) music. i wrote a "review" for it with my homeboy mike. scroll down for my part. that is, if you even click the link.

warped tour 2008 recap.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

music video: nas - hero (2008)

brand new video for the first single, hero, off of untitled, which drops one week from today.

a few sidebars:

1. i've been seeing a fair share of disappointment with untitled. are we listening to the same record? i think i heard one or two "weak" songs on this album, and even those were solid. aside from a few tracks, everything on hip-hop is dead pales in comparison to the material on untitled. people have lost their minds.

2. expect a review of untitled on next tuesday.

3. listen to this album.

-grizzly bear

Monday, July 7, 2008

spitalfield - remember right now (2003)

what a criminally underrated band. i'm sure many of you agree, as that seems to be the general consencous on many a message board.

i never liked lumping these guys into the pop punk genre. to me, they always stood out as more of an angular, big guitar based indie rock band with pop sensibilities similar to bands like hot rod circuit (but i suppose putting that on an album sticker would be difficult). also like hot rod circuit, they quietly released great album after great album before disbanding due to financial/business difficulties (aka shitty pop punk bands getting all the hype these bands deserved). anyway, grab this album if you never gave it a chance or never caught on to a great band.

i suppose after the name drops, i should probably do a hot rod circuit post. word.

spitalfield on myspace.

download remember right now:

- panda the ripper (if anyone can connect the reference to spitalfield, i'll give everyone in america a dr pepper. just like guns n roses).

p.s. spitalfield >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> fall out boy.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

rocky votolato - v/seth warren 7" (1999)

here's a treat for you rocky votolato fans. back in '99 when he first started working on solo stuff, he released a four song 7" on second nature that featured violinist seth warren (who has provided strings and synths for a lot of seattle area bands). the songs themselves are definitely reminiscent of rocky's early work.. less folk-ish, more mellow. a nice grab if you don't already have it.

rocky votolato on myspace.


- panda votolato

Friday, July 4, 2008

happy 4th of july

we at weworemasks would like to wish you a happy independence day. hope you're popping fireworks or setting things on fire and doing BBQs and shit.

america...fuck yeah!

-the bears.

Thursday, July 3, 2008



obligatory <3 for everyone who comes here.

-the bears

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

what the fuck is this shit?!

"hey dude, my mom just dropped me off! she said i can spend the night!!"
"great, let's go get the guys for BAND PRACTICE!!"
"yeah.. but i kinda miss screaming in a xxxxxhxcxxxxxxx band like i did two years ago when i was xedgextillxdeathx..."

here it is folks.. take it in. let the awful, awful, terrible, abomination ooze through your veins and leave you as disgusted as i am.

my brother just showed this garbage to me.. and only in new mexico could this pathetic excuse for music be made by a bunch of douche bags that aren't even old enough to get into a club. this is seriously trash and i'm sure i speak for the grizz as well when i say we will never, ever, EVER back this shit. hopefully this trend comes and goes quickly once these clowns realize how fucking ridiculous they are. i'd love to see them step into any neighborhood i grew up in dressed like this.

listen to this garbage here

- panda

p.s. if i had a message for the band, it would be this: just remember, five years from now WILL happen.. you WILL see these pictures in the future.. have fun showing this "band" to future dates.

the cool kids - that's stupid mixtape (2008)

solid new shit. it's finally good to hear some legitimately new stuff from the duo. hop on over to their myspace and get your hands on it immediately.

download the cool kids new mixtape, that's stupid.


album review: sophia - my morning; migration (2008)

i did this review a little while ago for absolutepunk's user review database. forgot to share it with the weworemasks crowd. solid hardcore album. for a genre i don't listen to anymore, this was a great release.

read the review here.

sophia on myspace

check some songs out from the debut full length and buy the album if you dig it.

download (right click, save as):

vanity, remember the peacock

mockingbirds after the picture show