Monday, January 26, 2009

we outta here, baby (2009)

dear readers,

this is our last post here at if you've grown to love us within the past year and a half, we hope you'll join us over at our new home,

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

music video: tyga - live forever (2009)

i'm not even gonna front like this isn't a dope video/song, cause it is. kid is really stepping his game up.

- panda

Saturday, January 24, 2009

interview: colin munroe (2008)

so i did this interview with homedude colin munroe for allhiphop back in mid-december, and they finally posted the joint up. it's a solid read. there's big things in store for him in 2009, so hop on the bandwagon.

read the interview here.

colin munroe on myspace.

also, if you haven't already, pick up his mixtape. one of my favorites of last year, and it features the likes of drake, wale and dallas austin, and production by black milk, just to name a few.



album review: notorious - ost (2009)

so i saw notorious and pretty much loved it. not the greatest movie, but i just love BIG way too much not to appreciate the movie. everything in the movie was solid, besides minor casting slip-ups likepapa doc playing tupac. dude was terrible, and portrayed tupac like some ignorant and irrational moron, which as we all know, he wasn't. angela bassett could've dropped on a heavier accent, because BIG's mom had a much thicker accent. other than that, i'd give it a solid B-.

did a column for my school paper, and my boy mike did the movie review, which you can read here. (note: anything about the movie was done by mike, the layout editors fucked that one up.) i took the responsibilities for the soundtrack. enjoy.

Artist: Various Artists
Album: OST - Notorious
Record Label: Atlantic
Release Date: January 13, 2008

The Notorious B.I.G. is a shoe-in for the list of the most influential hip-hop artists of our generation. If you’ve ever considered yourself a fan of The Notorious B.I.G., chances are you’ve already heard most of the material on the soundtrack for the biopic Notorious. However, if you happened to catch the movie and found yourself inspired to have a refresher course on his discography, then it’s a good starting place.

The soundtrack includes some of Biggie’s biggest hits, as well as underground classics like “What’s Beef,” “Juicy” and “Party and Bullshit.” The release also features a couple of new tracks, including Jadakiss’ “Letter to B.I.G.,” featuring Biggie’s infamous widow Faith Evans. The track is heartfelt and vulnerable, both emotions that many hip-hop artists may be afraid to express.

Also on the soundtrack is the incredibly disappointing “Brooklyn Go Hard,” which features Jay-Z, the most well known apprentice of Biggie, and Santogold, recent blog/hipster favorite. It seems unlikely that a song featuring this collaboration on a Kanye West beat would disappoint, but the three fail to deliver.

Perhaps the best things about this soundtrack are the three unreleased tracks from Biggie’s earlier years — “Microphone Murderer,” “Guaranteed Raw” and “Love No Hoe,” which stays true to the promiscuous and lighthearted Biggie that everyone has grown to love.

However, the soundtrack misses a few steps. It kicks off with “Notorious Thugs,” definitely a fan favorite, but not heard in the movie. Likewise, there is a slew of unreleased material that could have been surfaced through this release, but the team behind the release decided on only three tracks.

Notorious is probably not worth what you would have to shell out at the mall or Best Buy, but is an overall cohesive backdrop for the movie’s theme and serves its purpose well. For anyone who hasn’t been exposed to any of these influential and genre-defining tracks, it would be well worth your time.

Grade: B+

-the notorious grizzly

peter bjorn and john - remixes (2009)

in anticipation for their newest album, living thing, two remixes have been dropped. one for "inland empire" off of seaside rock and "lay it down," a new cut. anyway, cop these and cop their single "nothing to worry about," somewhere on the internet.

pbj on myspace.


pbj - inland empire (friend mix)
pbj - lay it down (golden filter remix)

-grizzly, bjorn and john

daytrotter sessions (2008)

yes, i'm aware these are as old as shit, but after talking to a handful of my friends, i've realized that not many people know about these. regardless, some of these are definitely worth the time. here are some of my personal favorites. and no, i'm not posting the bon iver sessions. free music is always worthwhile. the entire list is located here.

check these out:

kevin devine.

death cab for cutie.


tokyo police club.

minus the bear.


music video: ice cube - i got my locs on f. young jeezy (2008)



Thursday, January 22, 2009

from monument to masses - beyond god & elvis (felix cartal remix)

MAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. this shit.. this shit right here.. pure heat.

1. grab a glass of vodka.
2. grab a couple friends.
3. have them grab some friends.
4. put this on.
5. spazz out completely.

download the remix here.
felix cartal on myspace.
from monument to masses on myspace.

- panda cartal

lack of updates (2009)

we apologize for the lack of updates. we actually have good reason for once though. we're THIS close to completing our switch over to wordpress. i promise, we'll be up and running within the next few days. we've already got new features ready to go, and a lot of REALLY exciting spotlights coming up. '09 baby, dig.

- el panda y los grizzlies

q-tip - we fight/we love on conan (2009)

very interesting rendition of one of the better tracks from the renaissance (which by the way, if you don't have, you should be cut.. let me know and me or one of my cousins will be at your place shortly). i'm not sure how i feel about the scooby doo-esque ending. either way, great performance. tip looks cut.

- panda

Monday, January 19, 2009

music video: john legend - everybody knows (2009)

john legend's new video for my favorite track from evolver, "everybody knows".

speaking of john legend, guess who's gonna be at his official concert after party hosted by the man himself on thursday night? yeah, yeah, we (and by we, i mean me.. not roshan) gon' be there!

- everypanda knows

Saturday, January 17, 2009

music video: young jeezy - my president f. nas (2009)

the realest shit i never wrote.

video dropped for the obama song to end all obama songs. i still bump this.

watch the inauguration on tuesday. history.


Friday, January 16, 2009

kenzo digital - city of god's son (2009)

just stumbled across this. i'm listening to it now, and it is unbelievable. one of the most brilliant and seamless projects i've heard in quite some time. i'll let those behind the project, kenzo digital (with the help of many) explain it:

“City of Gods Son is an experimental hip-hop opera starring Nas, Jay Z, Ghostface, Biggie Smalls, Raekwon, Samuel Jackson, Delroy Lindo, and Laurence Fishburne. It is a crime drama/coming of age tale of three fictitious characters growing up in a crime ridden mythical city in a jungle. This project explores the icon of the gangster in modern media, and weaves musical history and gangster film history into an operatic music based story of brotherhood and survival. An homage to 90s New York hip-hop, City of Gods Son is the redefinition of the remix. Featuring legendary soul singer Joe Bataan. A sound film/hip hop opera by Kenzo Digital.”

so head over to the official website and download the entire opera and read all the information these guys have put together. i can't wait to sit down with this.

see the trailer:

-city of grizzly's son

p.s. "it is recommended that you listen to this at night, uninterrupted and on headphones."

the cool kids - 88 (chewy chocolate cookies remix) (2009)

i know we've never posted about em before, but after stealing all of the remixes from SSDT, i took a huge liking for all of the remixes by this group/this guy/this batch of cookies. anyway, they just dropped a new mix, and this time for the cool kids' 88, off of the bake sale or totally flossed out or any of the 137964 mixtapes they dropped. get at it.

CCC on wordpress.


the cool kids - 88 (chewy chocolate cookies remix)


music video: q-tip - manwomanboogie (2009)

kamaal the abstract drops his newest video featuring amanda diva. directed by rik cordero, who did nas' "be a nigger too," one of my favorite videos from last year. one of the best songs off the renaissance. speaking of which, don't be an idiot and get your hands on that album if you haven't already.

-grizzly the abstract

Thursday, January 15, 2009

gorillaz - phase III (2009)

smokeYYY (another birdie) shot me these links. damon albarn (yep) guest dj'd at a radio station and premiered three new gorillaz tracks. i can see jerome's eyes lighting up from across interstate 45 right now.

gorillaz on myspace.

courtesy of that real ish.


gorillaz - phase III


love between equals (2009)

a little birdie dropped this off in the mailbox to share. i'm diggin the beats, but the vocals in "young love" are a little shifty. "get it in" is definitely the jam. judging by the titles of the songs, you should know what to do when you bump these.

love between equals on myspace.

download (right click, save as):

young love
get it fit


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

video: pharoahe monch - ondaspot freestyle (2009)

this video is making the blog rounds, but woooooooooooooow. absolutely.

courtesy of nahright.

- panda

Monday, January 12, 2009

24 - season 7 (2009)

ohhhhhhh god damn. jack's definitely back. four episodes in, and the writers of 24 have seemingly reinvented themselves completely. definitely a very action-packed premiere that has laid foundation for what seems like an epic season. they've turned away from the things that brought season 6 down and have used criticism from the past to turn the show around. anybody who used to be a fan of this show should definitely catch up to the first four episodes on fox's website. must-see.

now i'm just waiting on flight of the conchords and LOST.

i love this time of year.


tera melos - idioms vol. I (2009)

i first caught these guys open for the fall of troy a few years back and they completely blew me away. one of the most technical and craziest live bands. very reminiscent of hella, and the likes. anyway, the dudes released a brand new covers ep. definitely not the best part. it's free. so head over to their site and download it.

tera melos on myspace.


-tera grizzly

skins - the official skins soundtrack (2007)

so jerome watches about 6 show total it seems, so whenever he starts raving about one, i end up watching it. considering i watch about 100 tv shows, it's usually no problem to add another. i just wrapped up season one of skins, and what jerome said about it is pretty much dead on. it's the UK's answer to the OC, only it's believable and has a lot more debauchery and drug-use.

watch episodes of skins here. (IE is required)


*download is courtesy of popjuice.


music video: b.o.b. - i'll be in the sky (2009)

one of the many hot acts coming out of the ATL (like that's a surprise). b.o.b. has popped up on some incredibly dope joints like t.i./luda's collab "sitting on top of the world," and also did "im dat nigga" with t.i., both which are some of my recent favorites. he's been on his mixtape grind as of late and this track is on "who the fuck is bob, available here. this is also his first single off of his upcoming album,the adventures of b.o.b., due out in 09 at some point.

anyway, peep the video and hit up his myspace for the rest of his mixtapes.

music video for i'll be in the sky:


n.a.s.a. - the spirit of apollo (2009)

north america south america (n.a.s.a.) are a duo out of california, who have lined up one of the biggest collaboration projects in quite some time. the spirit of apollo is due out feb. 17, and features the likes of chuck d, kanye west, tom waits, lykke li, santogold, and a shit load of other people i can't name off the top of my head.

here are two of the tracks, so bump these till the album drops.

n.a.s.a. on myspace.


gifted f. kanye west, lykke li and santogold
whachadoin f. m.i.a., santogold, spank rock and nick zinner


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

kid cudi - man on the moon mixtape (2009)

an unofficial mixtape courtesy of hiphop update.

features some cuts you know or you may not know, but it's definitely worth the grab.

read the reasoning behind the mixtape and download it here.


movie recap: slumdog millionaire (2008)

slumdog millionaire follows the story of jamal, a young boy who grew up in the poorest of neighborhoods in mumbai, india. he's currently one question away from winning the indian version of 'who wants to be a millionaire' and has been arrested for cheating, the reasoning being that he grew up in said impoverished neighborhood. seeing as that there is no way someone like jamal (see: slumdog, most similar to an untouchable) could know all this information. jamal then tells his story, which the viewer sees through perfectly executed flashbacks, which end up piecing the story together.

i was a bit hesitant about watching this, considering the fact that i grew up with bollywood films. i mean the standard flick consists of a forbidden love story (with no kissing!), some songs sung in a choreographic fashion either in a meadow or with rain, some violence and usually runs anywhere from 3-4 hours in length.

this was a very well-crafted and overall incredible movie that anyone should be able to enjoy. and fyi: it's about 70% english, 30% subtitled hindi, so it shouldn't be TOO hard to follow. the movie did a seamless job in terms of working with the language barrier, i'd say.

slumdog millionaire is still slowly getting added to theaters across america, so keep an eye out for your local spots. i saw it about two weeks ago and forgot to post about it, but it's definitely a must see.

p.s. hit up the sound rack for SM, as it features a new MIA cut, among others. i'm pretty sure if i posted it, this post would be axed by blogger in no time.

grade: B+

-slumdog grizzly

young love - new songs (2009)

keyes dropped two new tracks ("black boots" and "one to ten") off of his upcoming album, one of us, due out in early april. one to ten uses the same young love formula found on their debut, but black boots is a little more on the rock side. both of them sound good on my end. my biggest beef with YL is his lyrics, but the songs are usually catchy enough for me not to give too big of a shit.

listen to the new songs.

-young grizzly

Monday, January 5, 2009


in the next week, the wordpress edition of weworemasks will be ready, and quite possibly even sit tight, you know we're lazy as hell.

the bears.

Friday, January 2, 2009

idle warship - try it on (howwedoitoverhere) (2009)

god bless idle warship (talib kweli, res, and graph nobel) and god bless this instrumental/beat. put the two together = win.

idle warship on myspace.

download try it on (howwedoitoverhere).

and in case you slept on this video and epic track:

download steady.

idle warship takes over your party video/mini doc:

this shit is so live. get ready for the mixtape. '09 off to a great start.

- panda warship

shawn hewitt

if i had this entire album, i would go back and edit my end of year list and this would be in my top 5. this dude is absolutely incredible. AND I CAN'T FIND HIS FUCKING DEBUT ALBUM ANYWHERE. literally the only place i could find it online is amazon and it's a 22 dollar import. i may suck it up and order it today, cause this is seriously one album i don't want to be without any longer than i have to.

after reading a lot about shawn yesterday, i noticed comparisons ranging from (mostly) radiohead/thom yorke to rufus wainright to stevie wonder to maroon 5 and tv on the radio. none of which are without their merit. he's really managed to find a niche somewhere between indie and soul. and it's an amazing, amazing sound.

shawn hewitt on myspace

download two tracks from spare hearts:
keep them at bay
one on one

video for try:

video for one on one:

- panda

music video: kid cudi vs. crookers - day 'n' nite (2009)

i'm dumb. i never saw the video he ranted about, so i took it down. don't need cudi yelling at me in all caps. you can still grab the remix here, and the only reason i kept this post was to have an excuse to put up a fly picture.

-dear cudi, don't send grizzly any hate mail.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

video: big sean and mr. hudson - way out (2008)

2009 will be an epic year for G.O.O.D. music. these two are a big reason why. big sean and mr. hudson performing a fresh track that will be on both of their upcoming releases.

- panda