Thursday, January 31, 2008


yes, lost is back. today, we were given an incredible mindfuck of a new episode for all the nerds and losers that are hopelessly addicted to this television masterpiece.

the writer's strike basically ruined my life, but thank you to the douchebags who completed 8 episodes for me to enjoy for the next 8 weeks.

it's a love/hate relationship, and right now, i love it.


envy on the coast - tell them that she's not scared (acoustic) (2007)

great band out of long island. this is an acoustic rendition of the fourth track off of lucy gray, one of my top albums of 07. enjoy.


envy on the coast - tell them that she's not scared (acoustic)

-grizzly on the coast

blue scholars - joe metro (2007)

blue scholars are a hip-hop duo out of seattle, washington. they're one of the few groups out there still trying to make lyrical hip-hop real and legitimate a driving force for the mainstream. i caught wind of this song on mtvU at school, and had to hear it immediately. one of my cousins told me about them, and it clicked, and i remembered the video, which was pretty exciting.

but just like all other lyricists, this duo will be underrated and overlooked. this is their single "joe metro," off of their 2007 album, bayani. also included is the video for it. check it out.


blue scholars - joe metro

music video:


on the might of princes - sirens (2003)

i got onto this band late, per panda's recommendation. but i figure i should make a post about it, because panda is busy getting deported and stabbing people.

this album is straight intensity. guitars rip, vocals rule, lyrics are insane. great album from a great band who broke up in 04. supposedly they reunited in 06, but i'm not sure if it was a one-off or not. i just love this album. pardon me for not knowing a damn thing.

on the might of princes on myspace.


-on the might of grizzlies

kanye west - flashing lights (mano uptempo remix) (2007)

don't be surprised that i'm posting this.


kanye west - flashing lights (mano uptempo remix)


paper rival - paper rival (2007)

paper rival (they used to go by "keating," but went under a name change in 07) is an fairly new indie rock act out of nashville who released the paper rival ep on photo finish records in mid 07. smooth vocals and slick guitars made for a great debut ep. i can't wait to hear more from them.

paper rival on myspace



Monday, January 28, 2008

panda can party!

ok, so i'm doing this for two reasons. one, i'm driving a long ways to see this, and two, i'm saving jerome the embarrassment of posting this himself and looking like a giant tool promoting his own band on a blog site.

anyway, if you live in the lubbockish area this weekend, you shall see panda in his glory getting drunk and acting a fool, singing songs from his latest project, panda can party!. if anything, i'll grab some videos of him grinding on speakers, the microphone and the bartender and put em up on youtube.

add panda can party! on myspace, or get stabbed. while you're there, listen to the new track. if you don't, this would also be considered grounds for getting stabbed.

northstar - acoustic (misc.)

god damn, i love this band. this is a set of five acoustic tracks from them. i have kindly put them together in a tiny bundle to sooth your soul.

tracks include: for members only, my ricochet, taker not a giver, the pornographer's daughter and train hopping in dixieland. love it.


northstar - acoustics


colour revolt - naked and red (2008)

colour revolt is a wonderful band who is releasing a new album, plunder, beg and curse, on april 1, 2008. this is the first (single?) song that's been released off the album, and it is equally wonderful.

colour revolt on myspace.


colour revolt - naked and red

-grizzly revolt

joolsmf (2007)

joolsmf is a dj out of east london, and there really isn't much information out there on him. regardless, here are two dope remixes of songs you all know by now.

joolsmf on myspace


daft punk - harder better faster stronger (joolsmf remix)

justin timberlake - my love (joolsmf remix)


Friday, January 25, 2008

10,000 HITS.

looks like we broke ten thousand total hits. not too shabby, considering we started this little corner of the interweb back in october. we also haven't promoted much. anyway, we here at wwm would just like to thank all you lovely people for hitting us up daily and telling your friends about us (keep it up!). also, a big, big thanks to the artists/musicians/photographers who have contributed and thanked us for the hype. you're the reason this is here begin with.

everyone keep on keepin on and spread the word. we're working on new things and new features. and just a reminder, let us know if you think we should be hyping something we're missing out on. we're pretty fucking awesome, but perfect we're not. holler!

- panda wore masks.


dear readers,

we're slightly short of being on the blogger map for four months now, and we've realized that we have reached 10,000 hits. that just about rules everything. we're glad people read this thing (suckers) and i'm going to assume you dig us, because no one has said we suck or called us ugly yet.

thanks for being our friends, and here is to 20,000.

holla at cha boy,

the grizzly;roshan (weworemasks)


no, i haven't quit the blog.
no, i'm not dead.
no, i'm not in jail (anymore).
no, i didn't get deported.
no, i won't babysit for you.
no, i won't take out your daughter (pics or it didn't happen).
yes, i'm working a lot to pay child support. (joke).
yes, i'm working hard on upgrading my ibook and preparing for my first show with my new solo project, panda can party.
yes, roshan deserves some love for keeping the blog up.
yes, "no homo" is the most ridiculous statement a person can make.
yes, puppies and kittens are cute.
yes, i will do your hair.
yes, i'm currently watching the home improvement E! true hollywood story.
yes, i'm an alcoholic.
yes, more posts are coming from me (and a new layout for the blog).

- panda

the carps - young & passionate days of carpedia (2007)

if you look at the carps "sounds like" section on myspace, it really does describe them perfectly..

"marketing companies say: it's punk rock with a gun to R&B's head on the dance floor."

canadian drum and bass duo the carps take the best aspects of dfa 1979 and add in their own soulful, R&B tinged flavor. add in clever lyrical ability, and you've got some fresh work. they've got a new ep coming out march 25th, and their working on a full length, tentatively due out later this year. expect big things from the carps in '08. let's fall in love.

enjoy their amazingly well made video for "compton to scorboro":

the carps on myspace

download young & passionate days of carpedia:

- all the pandas i know ain't got nothin, nothin, nothin on me.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

thrice - aol sessions (2008)

anything this band touches is gold. they recently sat down with for the sessions, and hit up 3 acoustic jams.


1. burn the fleet (off of fire)
2. come all ye weary (off of earth; unreleased)
3. the whaler (off of water)




thrice - aol sessions II

watch the videos:



Wednesday, January 23, 2008

daft punk - alive 2007 (2007)

speaking of daft punk, what the hell was this? this live album destroys. they mashed up all of their songs, pairing them off into what seems like perfect couples, and created an epic album. how incredible would it have been to experience this live?

download alive 2007:


ocelot - iheartdaftpunk (2007)

so we've posted about ocelot (mthrfckrs) before, and he's since dropped the expletive from the name.

this is a mixtape/live set he did sometime in 2007. it clocks in at about 45 minutes. this is in high quality and it is dope as hell.

ocelot on myspace.


ocelot (mthrfckrs) - iheartdaftpunk mix 2007


guns n bombs - crossover appeal (2007)

hot ass track from a dj duo out of los angeles. they're on kitsune maison, and i'd say this is their best track (even though they don't have that many of their own.) also included is a remix of chromeo's fancy footwork. i expect big things from them in 08.

guns n bombs on myspace.


guns n bombs - crossover appeal
chromeo - fancy footwork (guns n bombs remix)


Tuesday, January 22, 2008


so i'm sitting at work, catchin up on entertainment news, and i noticed an article.

yes, soulja boy, the biggest novelty piece of shit of 2007, is claiming to be the #1 artist in hip-hop.

my personal favorite excerpt lies here:

"I'm Grammy-nominated," he continued, citing his credentials. "If I look at the new list and I compare myself to all 10 of the artists and some don't add up, I'll be like, 'Wow. I should be #1 if it's right now. I'm #1."

Soulja Boy was more candid when asked how he ranks specifically against alumni of the first Hottest MCs list, like Weezy, 'Ye and Jay-Z.

"Right now, yes [I'm hotter than them]," he answered as their names were read to him one by one.

i really hope he's joking, because i'm not the least bit surprised that 'hip hop is dead.'

-grizzly, are you fuckin' kidding?

p.s. and seriously, vanilla ice tell em' had those eyebrows on lock in the early 90s. eat a dick.

Monday, January 21, 2008

m.i.a. - kala (japanese bonus tracks)

i was never a fan of m.i.a., but her 2007 album, kala caught me totally off guard. she put out a solid album full of bangers and ridiculousness that you couldn't help bob your head and sing along to. these are three bonus tracks found on the japanese release of kala.


1. far far
2. big branch
3. what i got

m.i.a. on myspace (take your seizure/anxiety pills before hitting it up, though.)

note: this is not the full album, just the three bonus tracks.


bloc party - flux (jfk remix)

i love this track. i'm a huge fan of the original (which is hot enough by itself), but jesse f. keeler/jfk (of mstrkrft/death from above 1979 fame) has given us a different sound to this song, and mellowed it out a bit with a solid keyboard track among other things.

jfk on myspace.


bloc party - flux (jfk remix)


Thursday, January 17, 2008

morrissey - that's how people grow up (2008)

morrissey is better than you. morrissey is better than your favorite band. morrissey is well.. fucking morrissey. this is a new song off his upcoming greatest hits release. apparently, a proper studio release is planned for later in '08. so uh, proceed to shit pants.

download that's how people grow up.
morrissey on myspace.

- panda (is in the middle of ibook upgrades and other shit, hence his lack of presence on the blog).

the mars volta - tremulant ep (2002)

do i really need to write anything about them?

this is the tremulant ep. pretty short in terms of a TMV release, but it IS only an ep.

-the grizzly volta

portugal. the man - waiter: you vultures! (2006)

god damn, i love this album. from beginning to end, this album is full of incredible songs. listening to this album reminds me why i was so disappointed with church mouth, but i'll hold my judgment till i hear their next album. and this concludes my three-post john gourley/portugal. the man ass-kiss festival. thank you for your time.

portugal. the man on myspace.


p.s. love the artwork and layout of this album.


portugal. the man - 2003 ep (2003)

this will be numero dos. this is a self-released ep of some portugal. the man songs that never saw a "proper" release, but these were floating around the interwebs for a long time. i'd go ahead and say this is rare, so snatch it up. (songs include: clips comprehend and pelicans, along with three more). i'd go ahead and say clips comprehend is one of my favorite tracks from these guys. shit is hot.

portugal. the man on myspace.


portugal. the man - self-released e.p.


the artwork of john gourley

this is going to be the first post in a series of three. john gourley, singer of portugal. the man (ex-anantomy of a ghost), is a versatile and overall slick dude. this post is dedicated to his weird ass line drawings. he's done most of the artwork for the portugal. the man, including album covers and merch. i'm a huge fan of his stuff in general, so here's my 'holla back.'

check some out:

check out 24 more pieces here.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the cool kids - totally flossed out (2007)

all i have to say is that it's about time we post about the cool kids. they've been coming up hard (that's what she said) in 2007, and i cannot stop listening to these dudes. most people compare them to the beastie boys, which alright, fair enough. but i never liked the beastie boys, and i don't agree.

anyway, this EP is full of hooks and punchlines, and a whole lot of old-school hip-hop, with the sass and stylings of n.e.r.d., so be sure to check this shit out for namedropping purposes.

they're bringing '88 back.

the cool kids on myspace.

download totally flossed out:

here's their video for black mags:

and as a bonus:

the cool kids - flossin'


cut copy - remixes

cut copy is a 3-piece unit out of melbourne, australia. they are along the more melodic lines of electronic music, and most of their songs have a good amount of vocals in it. anyway, these are two remixes from familiar faces, hopefully. have fun with it.

cut copy on myspace.


cut copy - going nowhere (digitalism remix)
cut copy - future (chromeo remix)


Friday, January 11, 2008

juno - ost (2007)

so maybe you've seen juno, maybe you haven't. (sidenote: it is an amazing movie, definitely worth watching. ellen page and michael cera have a great dynamic and both are soon to be respectable as far as young hollywood goes.)

throughout the course of juno, you may have heard pretty much all of these tracks intertwined with the movie, which was executed very well. as for the soundtrack, it's predominantly folk-rock, but there's a cover of "anyone else but you," originally by the moldy peaches (also on the soundtrack) by none other than michael cera and ellen page themselves.




chromeo - needy girl (bloc party remix)

hey all, we're back. i went to new york to hit up a vacation for a while, and now i'm back with a dope remix of chromeo's needy girl, done by none other than bloc party. love on it.

chromeo on myspace.
bloc party on myspace.


chromeo - needy girl (bloc party remix)