Saturday, April 26, 2008

updates and shit.

sorry for the lack of updates on my part. i just moved to the dfw area (any plano/dallas readers out there? holler at a panda.) and am without internet. should be up and running by early next week. expect some dope new shit.

p.s. things that are awesome:

- my new apartment.
- patron.
- watching yuppies dance to cover bands.
- GOOD cover bands.
- the weather today.
- haruki murakami (read his books).

everything is everything,

- panda

Friday, April 25, 2008

as tall as lions - into the flood ep (2007)

tightest. band. ever. we don't kiss their ass nearly enough as much as we should.


-as tall as grizzlies

nightmare of you - b-sides

picked up their self-titled for the first time in a while, and i was reminded of all of these b-sides that are just as golden. be sure to check out their bang EP while you're at it. solid gold.

nightmare of you on myspace


nightmare of you - yuengling
nightmare of you - dopesick couples on the lower east side
nightmare of you - baby's barely breathing

-nightmare of grizzly

kill the noise - la sforzo (ocelot remix) (2008)

this remix is dope. i wish ocelot would hurry up and come out with a legit ep or lp already. in the meantime, keep up with his remixes.

ocelot on myspace.
kill the noise on myspace.


ocelot - la sforzo (kill the noise remix)

-kill the grizzly

further seems forever - pagan poetry (cover)

haha, this is definitely a bjork cover. jason gleason is the only singer from FSF that could've remotely pulled this off. with that said, i love this cover.


further seems forever - pagan poetry (bjork cover)

-grizzly seems forever

Saturday, April 19, 2008

sebastiAn - motor (2008)

sebastiAn from the ed banger crew is back with another single. the ending on 'motor' is a little off though. it tends to get excessively noisy, but the rest of the track is great. this is off his new ep 'motor.'

sebastiAn on myspace

download (right click, save as):

sebastiAn - motor


concert review: the starting line (april 11, 2008)

aahhhh, the starting line. their last houston show was a week ago. it was a joyous and heartbreaking affair. i have the biggest soft spot for this band. bayside, bore year strong and steel train opened, and i did a review.


read the review here.

the starting line on myspace
bayside on myspace
steel train on myspace

- grizzly

p.s. i'm sorry about the lack of music, but i've been hectic with school, so i figure it's better to post something rather than absolutely nothing. summer's coming soon. holler.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

video: lupe fiasco - paris, tokyo (2008)

another hot ass video from lupe. dude is on top of the world.


there are no words.

um....kanye's glow in the dark tour kicks off today.

check out some rehearsal shots, then kick yourself in the balls if you don't have tickets.

YEAH! YEAH! we gon' be there!

the carps - waves and shambles ep (2008)

no, you won't find the link for their new ep here, but the carps are back with some fresh shit. they stepped it up huge for this one. way more people need to be on these dudes. seriously, if they can be huge in canada, wtf is america's problem that these two aren't blowing shit up? be a tastemaker.

if you need a reminder about how dope these guys are, check out the first post i did about them.

download the carps first single, victoria belmont, here.

the carps on myspace.

- waves and pandas

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

album review: thrice - the alchemy index: vol III and IV: air and earth (2008)

the rest of thrice's the alchemy index was released today. and yes, i did write a review. and yes, despite the huge thrice bias that hangs over my life, i love this album.

the alchemy index dot com
thrice on myspace.

read the review HERE

love on this album. it's in stores today. can't wait to see them next week.

concert review: say anything/manchester orchestra (april 8, 2008)

caught the manchester orchestra and say anything tour last week, and wrote another live show review.

read the review HERE.

manchester orchestra on myspace.
say anything on myspace.
eli reed and the true loves on myspace.
weatherbox on myspace.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

the cool kids - action figures (2008)

anybody know when the fuck the bake sale is coming out? one of my most anticipated albums/ep's for 08. anyway, this song will probably be on it. these guys are going to be huge.

the cool kids on myspace.

download (right click, save as):

the cool kids - action figures


mstrkrft - vuvuvu (2008)

how have we not blogged about mstrkrft's new track? epic fail.

mstrkrft on myspace.

download (right click, save as):

mstrkrft - vuvuvu


kanye west - flashing lights (diplo remix) (2008)

man this song is heat. my homeboy kendall put me on to this track.

great song.
great dj.
great remix.

diplo on myspace.

download (right click, save as):

kanye west - flashing lights (diplo remix)


p.s. diplo looks like jason tate of absolutepunk. just sayin'

ninjasonik - tight pants (2007)

ninjasonik rolls with iheartcomix. not sure if you've heard of it or not..but if this isn't the best and the worst novelty track you've ever heard in your life, then you are not human. fuckin' tight.

this is a different version than the video version, but i think this is much better. and an actual song. somewhat.

ninjasonik on myspace.

download (right click, save as):

ninjasonik - tight pants (remix)


album review: panic at the disco - pretty. odd. (2008)

i had to!!!!!!!!!

read the review here.

-grizzly at the disco

concert review: tokyo police club (march 31, 2008)

so i got the chance to see tokyo police club a couple of weeks ago, and i did a review for the show. this is my first show review, so bare with me. more of these to come for anybody who actually reads them, haha.

read the review here.

tokyo police club on myspace.

also, here's the new video for 'tesselate,' a hot jam off of their new album elephant shell, which drops soon enough.

-grizzly police club

Sunday, April 6, 2008

klaxons - remixes (2007)

their album somewhat flew past me, but i haven't gotten enough of these two remixes.
one is via justice, and the other is from crystal castles.

klaxons on myspace

download (right click, save as)

klaxons - as above, so below (justice remix)

klaxons - atlantis to interzone (crystal castles remix)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

alkaline trio - from here to infirmary (2001)

i picked this album up yesterday and rediscovered my love for it. their best release, in my opinion. got the new jam from their myspace for you too. love on it. new record is gonna be dope.

alkaline trio on myspace


new song!

alkaline trio - in vein


jay-z - hello brooklyn 2.0 (remix) (2008)

jazzy remix of one of the best tracks on american gangster. not the biggest weezy fan, but he fits this song well. WHATEVER.


jay-z - hello brooklyn 2.0 (remix)


men women and children - james bond (2007)

this is somewhat old, but still hot. it's a new demo and the group's next album will more than likely force you to drop your pants.

men women and children on myspace


men women and children - james bond (demo)

-grizzlies, women and children

brandtson - send us a signal (2004)

not a huge fan of this band, but this release is stellar. definitely a record everyone should listen to. i fell in love with this record in 04, and pick it up frequently. this is one of those bands that "progresses," but you wish never did. sighhhh.

brandtson on myspace



Friday, April 4, 2008

le castle vania!!

le castle vania (aka dj dylan) is one busy dude. between lies in disguise (his project with blake miller of moving units), and djing some of the hottest parties around.. dude is on his hustle. having done remixes for artists like 120 days, snowden, and treasure fingers.. along with being remixed by the likes of the toxic avenger and la riots.. dude is definitely doing a good job of getting his name out there. we've got a couple of his latest tracks (including a lies in disguise remix of the toxic avenger) for your grinding pleasure.

le castle vania on myspace.

kill the noise - hey you (le castle vania remix).
the toxic avenger - poker face (lies in disguise remix).

- le panda vania