Sunday, November 30, 2008

LA riots - remixes (vol. 1)

a lot of sick remixes (including the ting tings, the toxic avenger, kid sister, justice ft. uffie, etc) gathered into one dirty, 45 minute mp3. get your next party started right.

LA riots on myspace.

download the remixes vol. 1:

- panda

Saturday, November 29, 2008

rx bandits - part I: from the garage (2008)

RXB From The Elizabethen

anything this band does makes me happy. their album will dominate all. catch a little jam on this video.


Friday, November 28, 2008

glassjaw - you think you're john fucking lennon (2008)

1. go to glassjaw's website...or click.
2. wait for it.
3. get completely fucked.

official glassjaw website.

- panda

panda can party - soul of the city demos (2008)

at the start of this year, i began working on panda can party with this collection of 9 demos. i've recently decided to put pcp through some changes musically and aesthetically. in the meantime, i figured i'd give away the collection of songs i started with. get into it if you're into the whole electro thing.

p.s. shots of patron help enhance the listening experience.

panda can party on myspace.

download the soul of the city demos:

- panda

Thursday, November 27, 2008

thanksgiving (2008)

we here at wwm are thankful for the following:

1. you, our sexually indiscriminate readers.
2. kanye west.
3. patron and vodka.
4. wall-e.
5. brown skin.
6. meth jokes.
7. hand turkeys.
8. vodka and patron.
9. our families and friends.
10. each other.

that's right.. we're thankful for each other. gobble gobble, bitches!

- panda y grizzly

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i suck at life (2008)

my bad alright.. MY BAD. i've been trying to update lately, but i'm literally using the worst computer ever made (it's made out of cardboard and leftover beakers from my meth lab). updates that should take me ten minutes end up taking an hour and half the time my uploads fail or my browser crashes. roshan can vouch for this. between that and the holiday rush at work, it's been really hard to update. i'm old and not in college like roshan.

anyway, i'm getting a new computer in the next week, at which point you'll all start thinking i'm as cool as my fellow bear roshan again. just BEAR with me in the mean time (C WUT I DID THER?!).

- 808's is amazing and if you don't think so.. suck it.
- watch boondocks. a lot.
- wear white shoes that don't have laces.
- a week left in national pomegranate month. go buy some.
- lots of fresh ish coming.
- more meth.

- panduh.

kevin devine - i could be with anyone (2008)

it's kinda odd that i haven't posted about kevin devine before. he's released some of the best acoustic and folk shit in the past few years and is one of the best singer/songwriter around. he shot an exclusive over to guys with record collections and tossed them a new track off of his upcoming tour ep. the goddamn band is on this one, too.


kevin devine - i could be with anyone


concert review: 2k sports bounce tour featuring q-tip, the cool kids and the knux (nov. 21, 2008)

so i got the very rare opportunity to catch some of the best acts in modern hip-hop open for q-tip, who's in a league of his own. to be honest, the man's solo stuff is good (the renaissance more so than amplified) but he will never step from the reign that a tribe called quest had put above hip-hop. seeing q-tip perform tribe songs was truly unreal.

anyway, check the review here, and hit the comments for set lists.

EDIT: the cool kids have been keeping a blog and also posted some pictures from the houston shop, so get up on that.

if this tour is hitting your town, DO NOT MISS IT.

q-tip on myspace.
the cool kids on myspace.
the knux on myspace.

Monday, November 24, 2008

it's always sunny in philadelphia - dayman (2008)

in honor of a completely incredible fourth season of it's always sunny in philadelphia (sans the episode about the shit turd, which for the record, is the only bad episode of sunny in existence), this post is a tribute to charlie.

so please, enjoy this completely epic video clip about dayman. fighter of the nightman. champion of the sun. master of karate and friendship for everyone.

-it's always grizzy in houston

tv review: 24: redemption (2008)

wow. 24: redemption's two hours were single-handedly on par with the entire tank that was season six. the writers really tightened up what they were initially great at doing; action. i'll try not to ruin too much, but hit up the redemption imdb for your plot rundown, characters, etc. i don't wanna ruin anything for you.

this was two of the best hours of television i've seen all year. yes, including lost. everyone that personally knows me knows that my two dudes are kanye west and kiefer sutherland, and sutherland completely delivered. give the dude an emmy. redemption has setup for what seems to be a very epic season seven, in which we'll see the return of my homeboy tony almeida. i knew you weren't dead, tony.

some thoughts:

- wtf? jon voight has a career again.
- cherry jones (seriously) might be a shitty president, but will never be shittier than wayne palmer.
- this prequel was the best idea for the writers. after everyone started to jump ship after season 6, this is a good way to get people back on the hype train
- i am a nerd
- please keep coming back to our blog
- the love for 24 is in no way, shape, or form related to jerome/the panda. he is too busy watching bravo, re-runs of shear genius and jon and kate plus 8. he does nothing manly.
- go cop the dvd in stores this tuesday.
- season 7 premieres on january 11, 2008.

-grizzly bauer

Saturday, November 22, 2008

album review: kanye west - 808s and heartbreak (2008)

Artist: Kanye West
Album: 808s and Heartbreak
Record Label: Roc-a-Fella/Def-Jam
Release Date: November 24, 2008

If anyone in hip-hop was going to put out 808s and Heartbreak, it’s Kanye West. West has been known to meddle with hip-hop, manipulating sounds and styles that are out of the ordinary and giving it that mainstream appeal. He intertwined orchestral arrangements with hip-hop on Late Registration, soul samples on The College Dropout and electro and pop on Graduation. So when he premiered “Love Lockdown” at the MTV VMAs this year, everyone knew he was cooking up something different with 808s and Heartbreak.

It’s no secret that Kanye West’s lyrical ability has seemed to dwindle over the years, but is easily overlooked due to his immeasurable production talent and the fact that he knows how to put songs together. Using only the TR-808 drum machine, West has created some of his most ambitious songs to date, abandoning the standard hip-hop beat and rapping for singing and tribal drums, which might be his biggest antithesis’ to hip-hop yet.

On 808s and Heartbreak, Kanye West relies heavily on the auto-tune effect. This may easily push listeners away, as the T-Pains and Lil’ Waynes of the world have already saturated the mainstream with the effect. However, Kanye West hopes to achieve something completely different. He created a voice deemed “Heartbreak,” something West refers to as a “mixed drink with auto tune, distortion and a little bit of delay on it.” He uses this voice as a tool, not a crutch, to express the tribulations he’s faced within the past year, including the death of his mother and the break-up with his fiancée, who is the subject of the overall bulk of 808s and Heartbreak.

“Say You Will,” the albums opener, starts off slow and haunting, with a beat slightly resembling that of a heartbeat. It’s slow pace is somewhat of an awkward start to the album and would be better if placed as a closer or even somewhere in the middle. Despite the placement, it’s one of the highlights of the album. Carrying on this very consistent theme, “Amazing” and “Streetlights” are also slow burners, which will definitely be a change of pace for the standard West fan.

There’s very little rapping on the album. However, it’s still prevalent in songs like “Heartless” and “Welcome to Heartbreak,” the latter of which features up-and-coming Cleveland rapper Kid Cudi. Together, the two sing a handful of melodies that will undoubtedly be stuck in your head for weeks. Other highlights include the Chromeo-esque “Paranoid,” and “See You in My Nightmares,” which features Lil Wayne, who sings what might be one of the best hooks he’s ever worked on.

There’s a few problems with 808s and Heartbreak. Lil Wayne’s verse, much like his verse on “Barry Bonds” on Graduation, falls flat, complete with boring metaphors and trite writing, despite how good the hook is. Young Jeezy is the only other guest rapper on 808s and Heartbreak, and his verse on “Amazing” is completely out of place and awkward, shuffling up the overall theme of the album.

Minor gripes aside, 808s and Heartbreak is a fantastic album, and Kanye West has yet again proved that he is an artist with many talents. This is unquestionably his most polarizing release, and he will alienate a large part of his fan base. However, West doesn’t seem to care, and this further proves that he is in it for the music. His production continues to test the limits of hip-hop, transcending genres and breaking from the mold of your typical producer. This may not be his best album, but it is by far the most consistent and thought-provoking album he’s released. If worst comes to worst and you don’t enjoy the album, sit tight. He’ll be back with a hip-hop release in the summer of 2009.

Grade: A-

kanye west on myspace

-808s and grizzlies

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

justin timberlake - follow my lead (2008)

JT is slowly creeping back into the spotlight. he just released a new song/single, "follow my lead" up on his myspace. the song's proceeds will benefit the shriners hospitals for children, which provide free care to children. i'll be hittin that up later since i'm at work, but in the meantime, hop to the remix of "can't believe it" with teddy pain in case you've been under a fucking rock in the last 2 weeks.

justin timberlake on myspace.


t-pain - can't believe it (remix) f. justin timberlake

also, did anybody check out justin on SNL? dude is funny as hell. peep the link.

"we're the dancers."


dj benzi and diplo present: fear and loathing in huntsvegas mixtape (2008)

maddecent teamed up with benzi and diplo to put this mixtape out for paper route recordz, some just post-summer lovin' life fun-to-bump kind of shit. you can pay what you want for this one too. definitely recommended.

paper route recordz on myspace.


fear and loathing in huntsvegas from mad decent.

-grizzly gettin' money.

vampire weekend - covers and remixes (2008)

vampire weekend is everyone's favorite (or in jerome's case, most hated) group preppy indie dorks. i think they make some solid tunes and i enjoy them thoroughly. here is a fleetwood mac cover, which rules the planet, some cover of a band i've never heard of, and an extremely addictive chromeo remix of "the kids don't stand a chance."

vampire weekend on myspace.


vampire weekend - everywhere (fleetwood mac cover)
vampire weekend - a plane pour moi (plastic bertrand cover)
vampire weekend - the kids don't stand a chance (chromeo remix)

-grizzly weekend

graham wright - the lakes of alberta (2008)

graham is the keyboardist for tokyo police club and is giving away his solo/side project ep for free (128kbps) or for $5.00 you can take a higher quality. i'll take it for $0.00, please.

download/buy the lakes of alberta here.


dj benzi presents - sky high mixtape (2008)

in light of the inevitable leak of 808s (it's already out there in shitty webrip format, which for the record, i've yet to cop), benzi dropped this mixtape that is beyond dope. some of the best remixes of ye songs i've ever heard. it's up for stream through imeem, with the download supposed to be dropping sometime today. for now, enjoy the stream -- which you must sign up to imeem for. the post will be updated with the download later on.

dj benzi on myspace.




video: gym class heroes - guilty as charged (2008)

this shit reminds me of a blink 182 video or something equally ridiculous from back in the day. i'm still diggin' this album.


video: young jeezy - crazy world (2008)

dope new video for the snowman's new single. one of my favorite tracks off of the recession.

-young greezy

Sunday, November 16, 2008

lola ray - liars (2006)

i love this album. john balicanta really has a knack for writing solid as fuck dance/pop songs (not to mention some fresh tattoos). something like a hybrid of nightmare of you and hot hot heat (with influence from acts like the cure, morrissey, and the jam shining throughout), the band turn liars into songs you can grind to, as well as songs for any late night drinking-your-sorrows-away session.

lola ray signed to benji and joel maddens' (ew) DC flag label and released their debut album in 2004, but are now free agents and hard at work on their follow up to liars (their second album). give this one a shot, i promise you'll have these anthems in your head for days.

lola ray on myspace.

download liars:

- panda ray

Thursday, November 13, 2008

third eye blind - why can't you be/red star (2008)

pardon the bro, but third eye blind posted two more songs off of their digital ep, red star, which is dropping this tuesday. it's so good to hear new shit from these guys.

listen to "red star" and "why can't you be" up on their myspace.


music video: the gaslight anthem - old white lincoln (2008)

new video for their second single off of the 59 sound. good stuff, catchy as all hell.

-the grizzly anthem

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

gatsbys american dream - gatsbys american dream (2006)

i've definitely posted about GAD before, and i tend to get a little twisted when we're on the topic of their self-titled album. a lot of people, for some reason or another, do not like this album. why, exactly? it has the same GAD formula, except the vocals are less polished and sound more like nic does when he plays live. the same amount of technical musical talent is still there. lyrically, it's still there. and for god's sake, there is a shit ton of gang vocals on this album. so what's there not to like? you all are probably the reason this band doesn't exist anymore.

"we don't believe, you kids are so naive
to think that things could change,
cause nothing ever changes in the real world.
we're gonna drive that message home,
cause money fills the gas tank in the van."


-grizzlys american dream

the gaslight anthem - the señor and the queen (2008)

these jersey boys are one of the biggest surprises of the year for me. i'm not typically into this sort of thing, but the gaslight anthem have perfected the songwriting craft. everything i've heard from these guys is top shelf. i also caught them open up for alkaline trio and thrice a few weeks back, and it ruled as well. the 59' sound will more than likely be pretty high up on many (including myself) people's year-end lists. but for now, enjoy this ep, which is a little ditty they released earlier this year.

sorry to anyone who told me to check these guys out at any point this year, because i probably ignored you.

the gaslight anthem on myspace.


-the grizzly anthem

concert review: fun fun fun fest 2008

did a write-up of the festival. setlists from atmosphere and recover are in the comments. hit up the minus the bear and clipse posts for their's. recover, clipse and atmosphere were my personal highlights. recover wasn't a part of the actual festival, but the dudes ripped it like it was 2002.

read the review here.

-grizzly bear

video: clipse - live at fun fun fun fest (2008)

i got the chance to see clipse (who brought the re-up gang with em) this past weekend in austin for fun fun fun fest and dudes were absolutely nuts. definitely regret the fact that i didn't get into them much much much much much sooner. i got the videos of them doing "wamp wamp," "mr. me too," "keys open doors," and their verses from "what happened to that boy," so have fun scrolling through this epic video post. setlist is in the comments, too.

keys open doors:

mr. me too:

wamp wamp:

what happened to that boy?:

enjoy. audio is pretty solid. video can get a little sketchy, but it was an outdoor show at night.


charles hamilton - sonic the hamilton mixtape (2008)

homeboy stays real busy. here's his 342nd mixtape titled, sonic the hamilton. dj skee worked this one out.

i am not charles hamilton


-grizzly hamilton

album review: t-pain - thr33 ringz (2008)

Artist: T-Pain
Album: Thr33 Ringz
Record Label: Jive Records/Nappy Boy Entertainment
Release Date: November 11, 2008

You either love him or hate him, but chances are, you’ve heard at least one of his songs in the past few years. T-Pain has been hip-hop and r&b’s go-to guy for hooks and cameos since he released Rappa Ternt Sanga in 2005, which along with 2007’s Epiphany, have been subpar and underwhelming releases in the genre, save a few chart-toppers.

500 hooks and an inflated ego later, T-Pain is on a high from his third studio release, Thr33 Ringz, which has been highly anticipated for some time. The circus-esque concept of the record comes from T-Pain, who deems himself the “ringleader” of the current rap game.

Although T-Pain is commonly known as the guy who made the vocoder cool again, he shows off his emcee skills in lead track “Welcome to Thr33 Ringz,” which abrasively leads into melody-heavy “Ringleader Man,” which puts the album off to an awkward start.

T-Pain never fails to deliver songs that will undoubtedly see huge success on the radio. Aside from his lead single, “Can’t Believe It,” Pain teams up with Ludacris on the Texas-inspired “Chopped and Screwed,” and Chris Brown on “Freeze,” both of which are set to be singles and club staples.

He also maintains a subtle sense of humor in many songs, like the Kanye West assisted “Therapy,” where the both of them speak on failing relationships and having their couches returned. “It Ain’t Me” shoos away the gold diggers, as T.I. and Akon lend their talents to the track.

As is the case with many hip-hop releases nowadays, there is a lot of filler on Thr33 Ringz. Aside from the obnoxious skits that everyone hates or skips, songs like “Blowing Up” and “Long Lap Dance” are throwaways, and the latter of which has sentiments already expressed in 2006 single “I’m In Luv Wit a Stripper.”

T-Pain even branches out and takes a shot at diversity while attempting a ballad with “Keep Going,” a song complete with acoustic guitars and piano. Aside from “Keep Going,” the second half of Thr33 Ringz falls completely flat. Songs like “Superstar Lady” and “Digital” are hardly impressive and instantly forgettable.

Overall, Thr33 Ringz is an entertaining release that bridges the gap between hip-hop and pop, and will surely be saturating your local radio station in no time. T-Pain is not necessarily as legendary as he claims to be. However, the man has an obvious gift and with his work ethic, he will remain relevant. None of this matters, though. In the time it took to complete this review, T-Pain just wrote the hooks to five more Billboard top 100 tracks.

Grade: C-

t-pain on myspace

p.s. related/unrelated note: who the hell said dj khaled could drop N bombs all over t-pain's albums? ridiculous.


interview: minus the bear (nov. 3, 2008)

pic via kat swansey. thanks for letting me sleep on your floor!

i recently got the chance to talk to cory murchy, bassist of minus the bear for a few minutes over the phone last week, and this is what i got. the group played at fun fun fun fest this past weekend (post soon) and dude's played a great set, and got them hips moving. one of the better sets of the weekend. enjoy.

Interview with Cory Murchy of Minus the Bear
November 3, 2008
Houston, TX

Roshan Bhatt, The Daily Cougar: For the record, what is your name and position in Minus the Bear?

Cory Murchy, Minus the Bear: For the record, my name is Cory Murchy. My position is fun, but I play the bass, and I like to draw things, ride my bike and just all around being killer.

RB: How did you guys end up playing Fun Fun Fun Fest? Is this your first time?

CM: This is our first time with the festival. The people that are doing the festival just asked us to do it and heard that we were fun. So we said, “Yeah you guys are fun,” and we just decided to be fun together. So…it should be fun.

RB: Whose sets do you plan on catching at FFF Fest?

CM: I am stoked to be seeing my homie Tim Barry. He’ll be playing with the Revival Tour [with ….], also excited to see Scared of Chaka, my other homies from New Mexico. My old roommate Dave is in the band, and that should be a hoot. Hijinks should surely ensue. I don’t think we’ll be in town to see the Dead Milkman, so yeah.

RB: Do you like playing festivals more than one-off’s or being on tour? What are the biggest differences?

CM: Well festivals are a little more chaotic, and you’re just playing for a small amount of time and there is a lot going on at the same time. Tours are a little more organized. Festivals are fun because they’re just so much bigger, and when you’re stoked about the bands, it makes it better.

RB: What are Minus the Bear’s biggest influences inside and outside of music?

CM: Well, love, peace and happiness. They’re pretty big influences. We like to keep things groovy, and other shenanigans. All that hippy stuff. We just listen to a bunch of different stuff, though. I listen to a lot of reggae, dub and Jamaican music, but we’re also lucky because we’ve met a lot of bands on the road and a lot of friends of ours are musicians, so it’s nice when your friends are making good music. Bands like The Helio Sequence and These Arms are Snakes, 27, and just bands we aren’t always able to bring on tour as well.

RB: The songs on Planet of Ice are noticeably longer than most of your older material and the sound has gotten more experimental musically. Are there any particular reasons for this?

CM: We’re all growing up and we’re all getting older, so logically we’d get more experimental. We’ve been playing for 7 to 8 years now, and so if we were just writing 3-chord pop songs, we’d have exhausted the band. So we’re always exploring and trying to push ourselves musically and artistically, because it’s something that we wanna do, and we like to please ourselves as well as our fans.

RB: How is the tour with Annuals going? Reception?

CM: Tour is great, folks are coming out and dancing. They seem to be having a good time, so you can’t complain.

RB: After the current tour, are there any more touring plans?

CM: We’re just gonna be taking some time off for the holidays and we’ll be writing on our time off. Well be in Australia in February for the Soundwave festival, and even Hawaii.

RB: Are there any plans for a new album? If so, what new directions do you guys plan on taking, if any?

CM: We’ll try to get into the studio sometime in the spring, we don’t have any real plans. We’ll just try to finish up some songs, but we don’t have any concrete plans for recording, yet. We’ll definitely be writing, which we’re very excited about.

RB: What is your most and least favorite thing about the Seattle music scene?

CM: It’s pretty great. It’s a lot of good musicians and people. There’s a lot of recess as far as people playing with different people in different bands. It’s good because no one is really playing the same kind of music, which has always been indicative of the Seattle scene. IT even back in the day when the grunge thing was going on, all those bands were different from each other. So that’s what I think is good about the Seattle scene. There’s a lot of music but everyone is doing their own thing. These Arms are Snakes and Minus the Bear have a lot in common but the music is totally different.

RB: What is your current playlist?

CM: I picked up this album by this artist called Rodriguez, courtesy of my friend Julie [inaudible] Butterfield. It’s a pre-release put out by Light in the Attic records and a lot of reggae and dub as usual.

RB: If you could open a show for any three acts, dead or alive, who would you open for??

CM: John Lennon, The Cure…and who else is awesome? Who would we be stoked to play for? Jawbreaker.

RB: That’s about it. Anything else you want to add?

CM: Not much besides, keep on keeping on. Thanks for all the support, and peace to all.

holla. the group's setlist from the festival is in the comments if you're into that sort of thing.

-minus the grizzly bear

video: thrice - live at the house of blues trailer (2008)

this release can't come soon enough. i've been waiting on a full DVD-quality/dolby/all that shit set from these guys, and the 25-song performance that this dvd will hold will fulfill all of my manly dreams. droppin' december 9th.

thrice on myspace.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

christiansen - stylish nihilists (2003)


with lyrics like that, you should have a pretty clear picture of what you're getting into with this album. often compared to at the drive in, they combined stop-and-start time changes with huge bass lines and balls-out southern influenced guitar riffs. add glassjaw's daryl palumbo making guest vocal appearances on two tracks, and you've got one amazing album.

not too long after touring on nihilists, the band changed their name to your highness electric, though i don't think they've done anything in a while. whatever, download this album.

christiansen on myspace.
your highness electric on myspace.

download stylish nihilists:

- panda

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

fun fun fun fest - austin, tx (2008)

headed to fun fun fun this weekend at austin's other big festival besides ACL and SXSW. on my personal agenda:

-atmosphere (sorry, panda)
-minus the bear (interview coming soon)
-the toxic avenger (interview coming soon)
-dj z-trip
-rival schools (wtf)
-and you will know us by the trail of dead
-the octopus project

also, a surprise twist to the weekend: recover is playing a show in austin this weekend for $5, so it looks i'll be scraping up the cash to hit that up. shenanigans shall ensue, drinks shall be consumed, and fun shall be had. expect reports, interviews, and whatever other shit in the next two weeks or so.

-griz griz griz

Thursday, November 6, 2008

88 keys - the death of adam (2008)

88 keys has teamed up with imeem, and threw his entire new album up for stream. the death of adam has been in the works for a minute, and the joint is produced by none other than kanye to tha. album's dropping this tuesday.

be on the look out for album reviews for t-pain's thr33 ringz and the knux' remind me in 3 days this week, too.

88 keys on myspace.

listen to 88 keys' the death of adam here:

-grizzly to tha

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the honor system

featuring ex members of the broadways and sweep the leg johnny, the honor system were very much in the vein of fellow chicago bands the lawrence arms and (early) alkaline trio. starting out in the late '90s, they released two full length albums before going on hiatus in or around 2K5 (of the two, single file is definitely my favorite). i remember discovering them while listening to random albums on the listening wall of an indie record store i used to hang out at in high school. good stuff.. gooooooood stuuuuuuff.

the honor system on myspace.

download single file:

download rise and run:

- the panda system

video: young jeezy - my president f. nas (live) (2008)

had to.


third eye blind - non-dairy creamer (2008)

third eye blind are back after FIVE ENTIRE YEARS, coming back from a criminally underrated out of the vein. the first new track is "non-dairy creamer" which despite its awkward and total 'wtf' opening line (you'll see), is a great song. it's off of red star, which will be a digital-only release. good to hear from these guys again.

third eye blind on myspace.

download (right click, save as):

third eye blind - non-dairy creamer

link is from band weblogs.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

big day for america (2008)

not only will the USA elect a new president today, but weworemasks (a blog run by two illegal immigrants) has hit 100,000. america's a great country!

-el panda y el grizzly

eyeball records - eyeball awareness vol. III (2008)

in lieu of the big day, the fine (ha...) folks at eyeball records have dropped a free compilation cd. feel free to download and explore some new artists you might not have gotten on the ball for. compilation includes pompeii, the stiletto formal and wolftron, all of which are grizzly-approved.

eyeball records on myspace


while you're at it, grab volume one and two.


election 2008

let's get to it, folks. this is your country. and don't let the endorsement of barack obama fool you. if you must, go vote for john mccain.

if you're having second thoughts about making the effort to vote (i'm looking at you, jerome), remember what a wise man said:

"vote or die."
-diddy, 2004