Tuesday, September 30, 2008

kid sister - family reunion (f. david banner) (2008)

i love her. the music is actually pretty lame but i'm blindsided by how cute she is. oh well. first single off of dream date. features david banner, who i could give a shit less about. song is still my jammmmmm.

kid sister on myspace


kid sister - family reunion f. david banner


Friday, September 26, 2008

the knux - remind me in 3 days (album sampler) (2008)

all aboard the hype train. got my hands on this album sampler for the knux's upcoming album, "remind me in 3 days," which is out october 28th on interscope. (contrary to what the sampler says). these dudes are gonna be picking up a lot of steam in the next few months and if this sampler is this hot, there's no way this album won't deliver. these dudes are gonna have run up on the cool kids' asses for hottest upcoming hip-hop duo.

the knux on myspace

listen to the album sampler here:

the knux - remind me in 3 days (album sampler)


rrrump (2008)

so i'm sure if you clicked on the "le castle vania" tag, you'd notice that we've been on that tip for a second. well dylan (the man behind lcv) has started up a new record label project under the name new always never music in which he'll be releasing some of his friends' music and shit. the first act is a dj collective out of atlanta called rrrump. dude's have put up two songs for you to shake it to.

le castle vania on myspace

rrrump on myspace.

download (these are direct links from his page, so right click, save as):

if you want me

twerk it


shitdisco - 72 virgins (calling in sick remix) (2008)

i haven't heard a banger like this in a minute. someone dropped us this cut in our inbox and it's definitely juicy. i'm not familiar with calling in sick, but they nailed this one.

shitdisco on myspace.
calling in sick on myspace.


shitdisco - 72 virgins (calling in sick remix)


music video: gym class heroes - live set (2008)

still hate gym class heroes? ah, well. got an email about this the other day. it's a short four-song set they did for wal-mart (SELLOUTS) and it's pretty dope. travis should definitely stick to rappin' because live singing sure isn't his forte. but the group has always been tight, and i'll be catching them on the roots tour, even though the houston date is sans the roots. yeah, what the fuck.

don't forget to check out the quilt. great album.

catch the gym class heroes' set at soundcheck here.


Monday, September 22, 2008

jimmy eat world - stay on my side tonight (2005)

why haven't we discussed jimmy eat world until now? they're easily one of my favorite bands of all time, and i know roshan is down. we're failures.. we've failed you all.

anyway, this is an amazing ep. disintegration has to be one of the best songs they've written to date. post-futures, this is a collection of unreleased/reworked demos, a heatmiser cover, and a styrofoam remix of "drugs or me" (which contrary to popular opinion, i happen to like). this was a great way transition/hold fans over until chase this light. it also has an aesthetically pleasing cover.

jimmy eat world on myspace.

download stay on my side tonight:

- panda eat world

Friday, September 19, 2008

music video: the roots - rising up f/ chrisette michelle and wale (2008)

hot shit. i love chrisette michelle. first time i heard her was when she did the hook for "lost ones" on kingdom come. her joint with the game, "let us live", is also one of my favorite songs of the year. here's her killin' it on a roots song with ol' boy wale. spit it.


terminal - how the lonely keep (2005)

so i read this thread on an unnamed forum that i'm hopelessly addicted to and it reminded me about this album. now the circle jerk that's going on in the thread might indicate the best album of all-time, but i don't feel THAT strongly. however, this album is one of the better albums in the genre. straight forward rock with pop sensibilities. travis bryant has a much better range on this project than his latest venture (even though AIWP is one of my fav albums this year) and the fact that a lot of these songs are texas-centric really helps. if you like alive in wild paint and recover circa ceci n'est pas, then you'll love this.

dallas (sorta) in the house!



talib kweli and hi-tek - reflection eternal/train of thought (2000)

this finna' be another classic, bitch. kweli's been a part of some of my favorite collaborations of all time, this one is no different. in a sense, it's good that these one-off's are just that. having a follow-up to something that you're so used to (especially black star) would make me incredible nervous.

either way, this is hi-tek's and kweli's collab. enjoy.


-grizzly eternal

the faint - danse macabre: the remixes (2003)

so we've posted the original, and now here are the remixes. still one of the greatest electro/whatever albums, and this shit was bumpin' 5 years ago and is still hittin' hard. plus, i'm trying to ignore the huge shitstorm that was fasciinatiion.

the faint on myspace.



music video: t.i. - what up, what's haapnin' (2008)

posting this video is an obvious ploy for my own hood status.
either way, RIP shawty lo. jesus christ.

paper trail is DOPE. get on it immediately. i'll probably be reviewing it.

-grizzly trail

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

music video: the cool kids - delivery man (2008)

top shelf quality of fresh ass shit brought to you by every hipster's favorite rap duo. just in case anyone missed the mp3 the first time, grab that shit here, seeing as someone destroyed our link from the previous post.


kanye west - love lockdown (2008)

seriously, i posted the first mix of this song, and me or jerome have no clue where the fuck that post went. neither of us deleted it, but that shit just disappeared. just in time, i presume, as yeezy dropped an even better and more cleaned up version than before. i'm not convinced that this is the final though, but it sure is a lot doper.


kanye west - love lockdown (mastered?)

-keep your grizzlies locked down

the fall of troy - vomiting winter (2008)

a lot of people shit on this band for reasons unknown to me, but i've pretty much banged my head to anything these dudes have released, and this new cut, "vomiting winter" is no exception. the music sounds like shit straight off of de-loused in the comatorium. yeah...i went there. vocals, however, are in another ballpark.

also, i must say, adding lil wayne to the band's lineup was definitely a plus. dude rips on the bass.

the fall of troy on myspace.


the fall of troy - vomiting winter

-vomiting grizzlies

hurricane ike (2008)

first off, happy thoughts go out to all of the ike victims out in galveston. that sob really did a number and watching the wreckage on tv is surreal.

second off, fuck you ike. this is the first time i've actually experienced or had to "ride out" a hurricane, and surreal is the only word i can think of. driving through my neighborhood the day after was crazy. every other tree is uprooted, and there was debris all over the fucking place. we didn't even get the worst of it. i mean yeah, i whined and bitched about not having lights for 4 days, but that doesn't really scratch the surface much.

anyway, all is well on my end. here's to another 25 years in houston without a hurricane. cheers.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

music video: q-tip - gettin it (2008)

video for q-tips new single "gettin it". is anyone else as excited for the renaissance as i am?

- p-tip

the hero factor - interactions (2005)

so i'm at a bar with my brother on a thursday night in west texas having a few drinks, where apparently there's a free show in the back room. we decide to check it out, where we're greeted with the atmospheric guitars and soaring vocals of tulsa, oklahoma natives the hero factor. i was blown away that these guys were playing a free show to no more than 20 or 30 people on a thursday. they put on one hell of a live show, which is probably why they've got two live releases under their belt.

their debut studio album is filled with driving indie/rock anthems that're topped off with vocalist ben kilgore's exceptionally soulful croon. another site i was reading likened them to the avante-pop of muse mixed with the vocal stylings of adam duritz (of the counting crows). i can see the merit in both comparisons.

since this album, they've gone through some member changes, found the right formula for the hero factor, and issued an ep called battling chimaera (which you can hear songs from on their myspace). while doing some more research on the band, i found a quote by kilgore that sums up what they want to accomplish as a band:

“I think we’re realizing the voice that we have and that we don’t want to waste it on trivial things. We want it to be beautiful so that it stops people in their tracks. I want the music to have the power to do something in people’s lives, whether it’s to make ‘em smile, or make them cry, but just to do something that initiates change in peoples lives.”

the hero factor on myspace.

download interactions:

- the panda factor

Saturday, September 13, 2008

tricky - knowle west boy (2008)

hype hype hype hype.

this album should be huge. this album should be on everyone's playlist. this album should make everyone's end of year list.

it won't though. it will go largely ignored in america. which is a shame. tricky has released his first album in five years (and some would say his best album in twice as long). it's the coalition of everything he's ever done, and then some. everything from dancehall to electro, rock to hip hop (and yes, trip hop).. he does it all, and he does it exceptionally. combined with a very personal album revolving around his upbringing (in knowle west) and lifes tales, tricky has found a perfect way to balance his personal side with the persona he's become famous for.

obviously since this album just came out this month, i'm not going to be posting it. but i will send you to his website, where you can listen to plenty of song clips, watch the video for his first single (council estate), and watch a video of tricky talking about the album (there's also plenty of links to purchase it). do it if you can, if not.. i'm sure you crazy kids are resourceful enough to find it somewhere in the world wide web. either way, give this one the chance it deserves.

official website for knowle west boy.
tricky on myspace.

- knowle west panda

converge - jane doe (2001)

people have been trying to properly label converge since their formation in the early '90s. i say who gives a shit. you're either into it, or you're not (and my co-bear isn't).

jane doe is hands down one of my favorite albums. raw, intense, passionate.. everything an album (i'm talking about an album, not 12 songs thrown together) should be.

converge on myspace.

download jane doe:

- panda doe

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

show recap: common and n.e.r.d. - the souled out tour (sept. 9, 2008)

i had the opportunity to hit up one of the dopest tours ever last night. the fine dudes at boo goo doo boom have posted a nice little recap from last night. definitely worth checking out for the videos.

both has incredible stage presence and put on great shows. there's a video of a new track called "gladiator" (apparently) up, featuring pharrell, too.

if this tour is coming to your town, don't be a failure and miss it.

peep all the excitement here.


justice - planisphere (2008)

is it still cool to like justice? i don't give a shit. personally, i've grown tired of the millions of computer nerd turned electro DJs that have been vomited out of american apparels, so any new material from one of the most influential and important duos is good to me. this is pretty much the dior homme mix we posted about earlier, but has been tweaked and touched up on. all i have to say is that there are guitar solos. hot.

also, the duo are working on a cd/dvd called a cross the universe, which shall be a must-own for any asshole who likes to dance. i caught the myspace tour back in march, and it was unreal.

justice on myspace.


justice - planisphere


Saturday, September 6, 2008

bobby brown - don't be cruel (video)

i've decided that bobby brown's "don't be cruel" is one of the best songs ever. legendary baby.. AHHHH.

- panda

Friday, September 5, 2008

weworemasks <3 kanye west

new album in december.
new single on monday.
that is all.


cassino - the gin war (2008)

while we're on the subject of jock-riding, cassino posted a new version of "the gin war" up on their page, and i'm loving it. once i hit an mp3 up (good quality, so all of you rippers get on it and message me) it'll be one of my jams to transition in the fall season. the group's also writing/recording some new shit, so i can't wait for that.

posting about cassino reminds me that i've yet to post anything about northstar, so look out for that in the near future.

listen to "the gin war" here.


breaking pangaea - phoenix (2003)

honestly, no. there isn't a better picture of BP online. however, back when i was jock-riding the shit out of equal vision's roster, i fell in love with this ep. of course, after this EP, fred mascherino/macarena/maraschino/macademia left BP to join taking back sunday. i was pissed at first, till i realized how awesome he was and where you want to be is (IN MY OPINION) a better album than tell all your friends. i don't necessarily think it's more enjoyable, but it sure is better. anyway, this isn't about that band, but i've run out of things to say. if you slept on this album in 03, grab it now.


-breaking grizzly

young jeezy - done it (2008)

bonus track of the recession. the album is great, don't get me wrong, but i would've cut about 5 songs off of it. props to him for having the motherfuckin' single of the year, though. i have not stopped spinning put on and its remixes since that shit dropped.


young jeezy - done it

-young geezy

Thursday, September 4, 2008

counterfit - super amusement machine for your exciting heart (2002)

well, if you're an old fuck like me and roshan, you probably caught counterfit live when they opened for recover and finch back in '74. if you didn't, or just have no clue who or what i'm talking about (and are wondering why the shit this band spelled their name wrong).. read on.

counterfit are one of the best band you never heard.. which probably has a lot to do with why they broke up. musically, they have the stop and start prowess of bands like mock orange and *insert technical indie band name here*.. but there's an accessibility to their sound that set them apart from many of their peers.

this was the only full length they released. a lot of people prefer their ep to this, but i'm lazy and this was the first thing i put in a .zip file (plus songs like "lying in traffic" and "feel the ride" are flat out epic). download it and enjoy the rock.

counterfit on myspace.

download super amusement machine for your exciting heart:

- panduh ( LOL C WUT I DID THUR?!)

p.s. i don't care what anyone says, i still love that album title.