Friday, November 30, 2007

gatsbys american dream - ribbons and sugar (2003)

i love this band. they have yet to release a bad album. this is their criminally underrated 2003 release, ribbons and sugar. this record is pure balls. there isn't a single chorus on this album, yet nick newsham and co. find a way to craft brilliant and catchy pop/math/rock/punk/what the fuck ever songs.

if you haven't heard this album, do yourself a favor and clear 29 minutes and 4 seconds to listen to it.

i really wish they would get off of their hiatus already. this won't be the last post about this band, either.

gatsbys american dream on myspace.

download ribbons and sugar:

- grizzlys american dream

every time i die - the big dirty (2007)

i've been waiting for 4 years to hear this record. ever since ETID released hot damn! in 2003, i've been waiting for a destructive follow up. unfortunately, i took the route of "that guy" and was living off of their old releases when 2005's gutter phenomenon left me disappointed.

the big dirty could not be a more appropriate title for this record. the big dirty finds the perfect mash-up between the gritty and fast paced sounds of hot damn! that most grew to love, and the raw southern rock sound of gutter phenomenon that didn't seem to suit them well.

this is one of my favorite albums of 2007. get ready to kick people in the face.

every time i die on myspace.

download the big dirty:

- the big grizzly

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

snoop dogg - sexual eruption (2007)

the doggfather is back up in this bitch, and he's getting his funk/soul on. the lead single of his upcoming album (ego trippin, due out march 2008) is called "sexual eruption". it features snoop getting down with a talk box. this shit is straight raw. the edited version is called "sensual seduction" and is probably one of the best music videos in recent memory. get down with this one as a hold over till ego trippin drops in '08.


snoop dogg - sexual eruption.

music video:

- panda

Friday, November 23, 2007

kanye west - get em' high (a-trak remix)

hot damn, a remix of ye's "get em' high" from 2004's the college dropout, featuring common and talib kweli. this is one of everyone's favorite tracks, and remixing a song with an already incredible beat couldn't be an easy task.

a-trak, kanye's dj for the past few years, and someone we've recommended before, stripped the beat, and remixed the knife's "heartbeats" with the vocals of "get em' high," and holy shit.

try to catch the beat.

kanye west f/common - get em' high (a-trak remix)


shark attack (2007)

we can finally say the united states has a strong enough contender for the ever-dominating european electro takeover. shark attack is a dj-group out of san diego and like jaws, will rip your face off. enjoy these two tracks from their myspace.

shark attack on myspace.

faker (unmixed)
belly shirts


the shins - sleeping lessons (the rac remix) (2007)

the shins released the greatly anticipated wincing the night awayin early 2007, a mere four years after 2003's chute's too narrow.

i found wincing a far superior release, and the opening song, "sleeping lessons," was a shoe-in for a favorite. this is a remix or something of the sorts of sleeping lessons, by the rac.

the shins on myspace.

the shins - sleeping lessons (the rac mix)


the toxic avenger - stage diving (2007)

well, we're back on the toxic avenger grind and it only took one week.
this song is called "stage diving" and brings more of a rock edge to the electro genre. great song that hits very hard.

the toxic avenger on myspace.

the toxic avenger - stage diving


Monday, November 19, 2007

peter toh - heroes (new song, 2007)

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so in case we didn't make it obvious before, we love peter toh. i honestly believe dude's doing something new and different in underground music (and being the tastemaker i am, i'm pretty sure i'm right). i also think that's why the masses haven't caught on yet. well, they will.. or they'll be missing out. make sure you don't miss out, and check out his new track (called "heroes") he posted last week on his myspace page. it's got so much soul, i'm pretty sure you'll run out of your front door and grind on the first person you see. he also posted a blog entry and bulletin post about us, which we pretty much screamed like little girls about. GET EM TOH.

peter toh on myspace.

- panduh.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

iamx - spit it out (alt. version) (2007)

i'm not sure what the deal is with this song, but this is a different version of "spit it out" than the version found on the alternative,which panda had posted about earlier.
either way, this version hits much harder. enjoy.


iamx - spit it out (alt version)

Friday, November 16, 2007

house of blow (2007)

daryl palumbo is a busy man. one of his recent endeavors is the dirty hip-hop stylings of house of blow, a project he started with f. sean martin of hatebreed fame. these tracks are a little raw, but it's daryl palumbo. nearly everything he touches is gold to me. if he could just buckle down and record a full length with house of blow, i'd be a happy man. check out the tracks afghani black and banger. cardboard city.

house of blow on myspace.


house of blow - afghani black
house of blow - banger

-house of grizzly

crs - us placers (2007)

crs, or more formally child rebel soldier is the brainchild of kanye west, lupe fiasco and pharrell williams, otherwise known as three artists we bears can't stop living vicariously through.

supposedly, a crs album is in the works, but things this good usually never happen, cause planet earth hates us. if an album actually does drop, hip-hop will more than likely self-destruct.

there is absolutely nothing in this song that isn't amazing. top four reasons to like this song:

1. lupe fiasco verse
2. kanye west verse
3. pharrell williams verse
4. sample of thom yorke's the eraser.

get it and love it.


crs - us placers (extended)


Thursday, November 15, 2007

the toxic avenger - the edge (2K7)

the toxic avenger was posted about by the grizz earlier. tox brings the heat to the dance floor. his tracks are straight raw. insert other cred garnering street slang here. just download this new unreleased song and get the fuck down.

the toxic avenger - the edge.

- panduh

young love remixes (2007)

these are two very cool remixes to two young love tracks. originals can be found on "too young to fight it." the discotech remix is done by ocelot, and the find a new way is by william russell. get down.


young love - discotech (ocelot remix)
young love - find a new way (william russell remix)


buena vista social club and coldplay - clocks (2006)


buena vista social club reworked coldplay's "clocks" for a benefit compilation in 2006, and the result was wonderful.


buena vista social club + coldplay - clocks


Thursday, November 8, 2007

as tall as lions - purevolume sessions (2007)

uhhhhhh, if you want to read about how much i love this band again, then feel free to just click our earlier post.

anyway, this is a recently recorded acoustic session for purevolume, and it's mindblowing. they recorded a neil young cover (birds) and acoustic versions of maybe i'm just tired and kickin' myself.

also, i'm posting a new song from their upcoming itunes e.p. due out november 27.

this band cannot put a bad song out if they tried.

as tall as lions on myspace.
watch the pure volume sessions.

purevolume sessions.
as tall as lions - into the flood (new song!)

-ain't nothin but a g thang

video: daft punk - harder, better, faster, stronger + around the world medley

came across this live video of daft punk performing two of their biggest songs at the alive 2007 festival. interesting about this video is that it was shot by 250 fans who were in the crowd and given cameras, and it was directed by michel gondry. i haven't seen a better definition of stadium status in a while.

daft punk on myspace.


mp3 - taken from the video


dj a-trak

a-trak has been coming up in 2007. he's been working with some big names, has his own record label, fool's gold records, home to kid sister and the cool kids, and above anything else, he's kanye west's touring dj. talk about a fucking resume. anyway, here is a remix of ye's stronger, clipse's wamp wamp, and his own track, knucklehead. enjoy.

a-trak on myspace.

kanye west - stronger (a-trak remix)
a-trak - wampercycle (remix of clipse's wamp wamp)
a-trak - knucklehead


justice - phantom - boys noize remix (2007)

this is one of the best remixes of a justice song i've ever heard. plain and simple. get on it.

boys noize on myspace.

justice - phantom (boys noize remix)


i set my friends on fire - crank dat cavalry boy (2007)

so....i'm sure everyone's heard soulja boy (tell em')'s excellent party anthem, crank dat. these two dudes out of miami did their own hardcore/shitty screamo version of the track, and called it "crank dat cavalry boy." i'm not trying to say that this song is at all amazing, but the ridiculousness of the song needs to be shared with the world.

if anything, one can appreciate the breakdown, and i think we can all agree that the best one liner to come out of mainstream hip hop was "superman that ho."

i set my friends on fire on myspace.

i set my friends on fire - crank dat cavalry boy

-crank dat grizzly boy

we've been gone a long time

whoops. we kind of disappeared for about a week or so, but we're back. roshan has been busy being an american and going to school, and jerome has been busy with his own musical endeavor, panda can party, which you could and should check out here. shameless self-promotion is where it's at.

also, we're brown, so you can't really blame our lack of dedication to the tasks at hand on anything else.

we also decided upon a change of pace. to accompany the usual full albums and whatever we usually post, we'll be posting single tracks now, ranging from exclusives and rare b-sides to dope ass remixes.


-the bears.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

girl talk - night ripper (2006)

for a while there, gregg gillis was leading a double life. working as a biomedicdal engineer during the week, then flying out and partying around the country as girl talk on the weekends. eventually he quit his day job and now gets down as girl talk 24/7, and the hype hasn't stopped since. sampling everyone from john denver to lil wayne.. from boys II men to james taylor.. from dr dre to the foo fighters, gillis has provided you with your ultimate party album. throw this on at your next party and just watch peoples reactions as banger after banger destroys your ear drums. and apparently his live show is a giant party, so be sure you check him out next time he's in town with his laptop.

girl talk on myspace.

download night ripper:

- panda