Friday, January 25, 2008

the carps - young & passionate days of carpedia (2007)

if you look at the carps "sounds like" section on myspace, it really does describe them perfectly..

"marketing companies say: it's punk rock with a gun to R&B's head on the dance floor."

canadian drum and bass duo the carps take the best aspects of dfa 1979 and add in their own soulful, R&B tinged flavor. add in clever lyrical ability, and you've got some fresh work. they've got a new ep coming out march 25th, and their working on a full length, tentatively due out later this year. expect big things from the carps in '08. let's fall in love.

enjoy their amazingly well made video for "compton to scorboro":

the carps on myspace

download young & passionate days of carpedia:

- all the pandas i know ain't got nothin, nothin, nothin on me.


Anonymous said...

i thought i was never gonna find this
im faving this blog

Anonymous said...

you woudnt happen to have their new ep, would you?

DJ TREATS said...

been bumping the carps since the cmj 2008 show at 205 club. hence this mixtape they appear on:

Anonymous said...

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