Monday, December 8, 2008

the cambiata - hell's kitchen (2008)

hopefully you're familiar with these guys. hopefully you purchased their ep after i ranted about them earlier this year.

well if not.. the cambiata have posted a new track off their upcoming album (due out in january.. holler atcha bears for artist spotlight!). there's a very good chance it's most likely better/sexier than whatever you're currently listening to. the rhythm section sets such a perfect vibe for vocalist chris moulton to croon over.

anyway.. here's the part where you open itunes, click pause, and go to the link below to listen to "hell's kitchen".

the cambiata on myspace.

- panda


Anonymous said...

I really can't wait for the full album. It should be great if this song is any indication!


Ricky said...

The CD release show was the best show I've ever been to. They played sixteen songs - all of To Heal, all of the new album, and one from their first album.

The CD itself is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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