Monday, December 8, 2008

fred hart - 808s and heartbreak covers (2008)

i was hoppin on my blogroll today (at work, of course) and these really caught my eye. spotted over at gowhere hip hop (sidebar: this blog stays on topic/rides the jock of the chi for the most part) did a post about fred hart, a graphic designer at the university of arizona. the dude did his own visual interpretation of every song on 808s and some of these are extremely dope.

here's his take on it:

“Well here it is, the complete series of my version of 808s & Heartbreak song covers! I begin with the initial cover for the album, and then go song by song, as they’re presented on the album, each telling a story through imagery, as a metaphor for the journey Kanye West has traveled that allowed us this genius piece of work, 808s & Heartbreak. Each cover looks to create a sort of frame by frame for the album as a whole, with imagery relating to each song, a still shot from each song that allows you to use the lyrics and project your interpretations of each song onto the piece. This is my tribute to Kanye West, whose trials and tribulations have undoubtedly made this the album of the year, if not this decade in my opinion, and a tribute to his mother Donda West as well. So I hope you enjoy this artwork, and please feel free to let me know what you think.” [Fred Hart aka Fhart06]

Fred Hart
University of Arizona [Fine Arts]

head over to this link to check out the rest of them. ignore all the 808s and heartbreak hyperboles, though.


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