Friday, December 5, 2008

it ain't easy being a blog (2008)

ok the end of 2008 is approaching quickly, and we're gonna try to do something awesome this year. i'm sure some of you are making year-end lists for your top albums, songs, movies, sandwiches, beers, whatever. try to limit them to 10-25 a list. we don't care what your 73rd favorite album was this year. type them up and email them to with your name, city, website, myspace or whatever you want linked (hey give us your SSN and credit card numbers while you're at it) and we'll put together a post near december's end with everyone's list. i'm hoping more than 5 people get off of their lazy ass and make a list.



edit: comment them too if you like!

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whyte39 said...

i shall do my best