Saturday, October 20, 2007

as tall as lions - as tall as lions (2006)

i'm gonna try not to kiss this band's ass anymore than i have in the past year.

ok, so i'm lying. both bears of this blog have been graced with this brilliant masterpiece via last summer. it topped both of our album of the year lists in '06. basically, if you don't like this record, then you must hate music. ATAL play a melodic and beautiful jazz/soul/pop infused brand of indie rock, and singer dan nigro will soothe your soul with his vocals. the album art is amazing, they dress well, they put on incredible and energetic live shows (and i'd say that's a big deal considering the style of music they play.) to be honest, i can't tell you a single thing i dislike about this band or this album. not to mention, i've listened to it about 200 times, and i can still play it through from start to finish.

atal > what you're listening to.

as tall as lions on myspace.
as tall as lions on the web.

download as tall as lions:

here is a video of them playing 'be here now' in nyc (soundboard recording):

- grizzly

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