Friday, February 8, 2008

the evening episode - the physicist has known sin (2006)

let's face it, portishead are taking way too fucking long to release new music. shit is wack. april can't get here soon enough.

anway, the evening episode are very much in the same vein as portishead.. lush arangements, late '90s trip hip-esque female vocals, moody tones.. all present. combine that with a more organic overall sound reminiscent of pretty girls make graves later work, and you've got something fresh. the lead singer on this album, teressa eggars, left the band in 2007 (she also sings on that intramural album i just posted). she's since been replaced vocalist terra lopez, and the evening episode are working on a fresh start and new music.

p.s. if anyone knows what teressa is up to these days, let me know. it'd be a waste of a wonderful voice if she wasn't making music anymore.

the evening episode on myspace.

download the physicist has known sin:

- panda

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