Friday, February 22, 2008

shadrach kabango - when this is over (2005)

shadrach kabango (aka shad k) has what could be, the greatest influences for an emcee ever. his myspace lists two people as his influences.. morrissey and warren G. now i'm sorry, but that is just dope as hell.

you've probably never heard of shad k, but dude's got talent comparable to any your favorite emcees. blending live instrumentation with turn tables, smooth flows with even smoother melodies.. trust me, you need to be on this. he released an album last year called the old prince, but we're offering up his previous album, when this is over. this isn't the faux intellectual shit you got from your message board friends.. this is real life hip hop.

shad on myspace.

download when this is over:

- panda

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