Friday, February 8, 2008

trophy scars - goodnight alchemy

ok so i'm flat out gonna take credit for this one. i've been hyping trophy scars since their first ep came out (darts to sea). it wasn't until their full length(alphabet. alphabets.) came out in 2006 that the underground world finally started to catch on. big "told you so" to scene kids everywhere.

this is a band that is not afraid to try things. diy ethics, experimental guitars, a pounding rhythm section, and some of the most interesting vocals/melodies/lyrics you'll ever hear. this is a hate it or absolutely love it band. love em or hate em, i'm sure they're just glad you feel some way about them. watch out for their upcoming full length, bad luck, later in '08 and you can pretend you've been in the know all along.

- panda scars

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Jason Shipps said...

I've been looking for this for ever!


I absolutely love Trophy Scars.