Friday, February 8, 2008

intramural - this is a landslide (2007)

so unless you live under a rock or have bad taste in music, you're probably familiar with denver dalley (of statistics and desaparecidos fame). what you probably aren't familiar with is dalley's most recent undertaking, intramural, which is a tragedy because it could possibly be his best work to date.

recorded over four years with friend sam shacklock, this is a landslide features a different vocalist on every track. some brilliant names pop up here (most notably greg dulli of afgan whigs/twilight singers fame), all adding their own touch to the genre bending electro rock dalley's come up with.

to steal a term from roshan, this album was probably the best album you "slept on" last year. proceed to slap forehead and download accordingly.

intramural on myspace.

download this is a landslide:

- this is a panda