Saturday, May 10, 2008

circa survive - 1,000 witnesses (2008)

sooooo, i'm gonna be really lazy with this post. it's a b-side from on letting go, and it's good.

edit: had no clue but the song was up for a donation to invisible children.


feel free to donate to invisible children here.

circa survive on myspace


link taken down.



Anonymous said...

I love this blog, and I love this song I bought it). But the purpose of this song was to raise money for the Invisible Children charity...really would've been better to either link to the site for people to purchase it or not post it at all...I know you guys post tracks of other bands all the time but in this case I think its kind of wrong to post it.

Just my 2 cents. I love this blog though and keep up the otherwise great work.


the panda and the grizzly. said...

hey, fixed. had no clue.