Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the stryder

a couple of people have informed me that the link to the stryder album i posted is dead, and have inquired about other stryder releases.. so i figured while i'm uploading, i may as well just remind you of their amazing-ness and do another post with both full lengths.

the stryder were criminally underrated during their time. and since apparently the stryder albums are impossible to find online (at least, not for download).. i'm assuming the same is true today. while i have seen them name dropped on a few message boards, i think it's still safe to say that this is the best band you never gave a chance. fusing elements of post hardcore, hip hop, jazz, indie rock, and whatever else they could get their hands (ears?) on, i really think the stryder had something special going during their brief existence. i know from the first time i heard them on an evr sampler (cassette tape!) in high school, that they could do no wrong in my eyes. and i was right. expanding their sound on their last release, they went out with a bang that no one heard.

peter toh and scottie redex both have their solo projects going on now, and while both are incredible in their own right.. the two stryder full lengths will always have a place in my stereo.

download masquerade in the key of crime (2000):

download jungle city twitch (2002):

- masquerade in the key of panda

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Brandon said...

Holy shit! Just seeing their name brings me way the fuck back!

I remember seeing them live a few times in these dingy, backroom bars in Virginia and North Carolina. I think we even let them crash at our apartment one night in college. Crazy!