Friday, May 30, 2008


yes, i am seriously posting about lost. the finale was incredible. i always wonder if any of our readers actually watch the brilliance that is LOST. god knows it's run my life for the past three years (i caught on late).

please spam my aim (to the right side of the screen) with articles. i'm bored at work.

i've been wasting hours on end reading random bullshit about it, so i'll share:

lost's top 15 moments according to entertainment weekly.

recap of the season four finale (spoilers, but a great read)


p.s. john locke for life!
p.p.s. i am speaking on my behalf. the other dirty brown man doesn't watch lost and is a complete failure.


Brandon said...

the commercial that aired for Octagon Global Research wasn't just any commercial. Research it. that's how i killed my day at work.

hope you're going to San Diego Comic-Con...

Teej said...

sooo much happened on that season finale.

the backwards audio from the phone call during kate's dream was someone (sawyer) saying "the island needs you, come back before it's too late"