Thursday, September 4, 2008

counterfit - super amusement machine for your exciting heart (2002)

well, if you're an old fuck like me and roshan, you probably caught counterfit live when they opened for recover and finch back in '74. if you didn't, or just have no clue who or what i'm talking about (and are wondering why the shit this band spelled their name wrong).. read on.

counterfit are one of the best band you never heard.. which probably has a lot to do with why they broke up. musically, they have the stop and start prowess of bands like mock orange and *insert technical indie band name here*.. but there's an accessibility to their sound that set them apart from many of their peers.

this was the only full length they released. a lot of people prefer their ep to this, but i'm lazy and this was the first thing i put in a .zip file (plus songs like "lying in traffic" and "feel the ride" are flat out epic). download it and enjoy the rock.

counterfit on myspace.

download super amusement machine for your exciting heart:

- panduh ( LOL C WUT I DID THUR?!)

p.s. i don't care what anyone says, i still love that album title.


Anonymous said...

oh yeah!

this is the kind of posts i like.
just what i've been lookin for.


Anonymous said...

they toured with Reco? will check out

of a said...

God, I miss this band. Since one of yall is from Houston, do you remember the local band The Record Time back in early 00s? Pretty sure Grant took the band name from "Feel The Ride"

Anonymous said...

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Source U-30 said...

I grew up with some of these guys .Great band, er Epic Band. I miss seeing the shows out in SD. Marc (drummer) and his brother (guitar) started a new band called Helen Earth. They have a myspace. not sure if any recordings have been made but check them out.

Source U-30 said...

sorry: Correction, Helen earth have released a new album. Check the my space —

Anonymous said...

If only you guys posted From Finish to Starting Line EP, and Managing the Details perhaps :D

Anonymous said...

im friends with the guys from the record time; its not a counterfit reference (they were peers and toured together). it was possibly a braid reference, though.

Yam said...

I'm glad the link is still working. Thank you so much!