Saturday, September 13, 2008

tricky - knowle west boy (2008)

hype hype hype hype.

this album should be huge. this album should be on everyone's playlist. this album should make everyone's end of year list.

it won't though. it will go largely ignored in america. which is a shame. tricky has released his first album in five years (and some would say his best album in twice as long). it's the coalition of everything he's ever done, and then some. everything from dancehall to electro, rock to hip hop (and yes, trip hop).. he does it all, and he does it exceptionally. combined with a very personal album revolving around his upbringing (in knowle west) and lifes tales, tricky has found a perfect way to balance his personal side with the persona he's become famous for.

obviously since this album just came out this month, i'm not going to be posting it. but i will send you to his website, where you can listen to plenty of song clips, watch the video for his first single (council estate), and watch a video of tricky talking about the album (there's also plenty of links to purchase it). do it if you can, if not.. i'm sure you crazy kids are resourceful enough to find it somewhere in the world wide web. either way, give this one the chance it deserves.

official website for knowle west boy.
tricky on myspace.

- knowle west panda