Friday, September 19, 2008

terminal - how the lonely keep (2005)

so i read this thread on an unnamed forum that i'm hopelessly addicted to and it reminded me about this album. now the circle jerk that's going on in the thread might indicate the best album of all-time, but i don't feel THAT strongly. however, this album is one of the better albums in the genre. straight forward rock with pop sensibilities. travis bryant has a much better range on this project than his latest venture (even though AIWP is one of my fav albums this year) and the fact that a lot of these songs are texas-centric really helps. if you like alive in wild paint and recover circa ceci n'est pas, then you'll love this.

dallas (sorta) in the house!



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Dan said...

got this cd a few months after they broke up. really solid. A+ post