Monday, January 12, 2009

24 - season 7 (2009)

ohhhhhhh god damn. jack's definitely back. four episodes in, and the writers of 24 have seemingly reinvented themselves completely. definitely a very action-packed premiere that has laid foundation for what seems like an epic season. they've turned away from the things that brought season 6 down and have used criticism from the past to turn the show around. anybody who used to be a fan of this show should definitely catch up to the first four episodes on fox's website. must-see.

now i'm just waiting on flight of the conchords and LOST.

i love this time of year.



Gabe said...

Arent you afraid they are going to do that thing with characters where the ones we trust in the beginning are assholes come episode 23? Since I'm on the west coast it's being recorded on my TiVo right now while I hang with the girlfriend. Ro, thanks for your immense love of television. Gun to head--Who woufd you rather be? Who would you rather be inside? Jack Bauer or Jack Shepard?

weworemasks said...

JACK BAUER. easy. plus you had me at "gun to your head."

throw john locke or sayid jarrah or benjamin linus in the mix and then it's on.