Thursday, January 31, 2008

blue scholars - joe metro (2007)

blue scholars are a hip-hop duo out of seattle, washington. they're one of the few groups out there still trying to make lyrical hip-hop real and legitimate a driving force for the mainstream. i caught wind of this song on mtvU at school, and had to hear it immediately. one of my cousins told me about them, and it clicked, and i remembered the video, which was pretty exciting.

but just like all other lyricists, this duo will be underrated and overlooked. this is their single "joe metro," off of their 2007 album, bayani. also included is the video for it. check it out.


blue scholars - joe metro

music video:



V said...

nice, i wonder where you found this group...haha

you think you guys can find the Blue Scholars EP?

the panda and the grizzly. said...

got it vish. holler!

Pop-Punk Junkie said...

this is awesome - thanks for the rec!