Friday, January 11, 2008

juno - ost (2007)

so maybe you've seen juno, maybe you haven't. (sidenote: it is an amazing movie, definitely worth watching. ellen page and michael cera have a great dynamic and both are soon to be respectable as far as young hollywood goes.)

throughout the course of juno, you may have heard pretty much all of these tracks intertwined with the movie, which was executed very well. as for the soundtrack, it's predominantly folk-rock, but there's a cover of "anyone else but you," originally by the moldy peaches (also on the soundtrack) by none other than michael cera and ellen page themselves.





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Roshan said...

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whyte39 said...

Kimya Dawson was the perfect artist to choose for this movie. The tunes were beautifully interwoven with everything going on throughout the film.