Friday, January 25, 2008


no, i haven't quit the blog.
no, i'm not dead.
no, i'm not in jail (anymore).
no, i didn't get deported.
no, i won't babysit for you.
no, i won't take out your daughter (pics or it didn't happen).
yes, i'm working a lot to pay child support. (joke).
yes, i'm working hard on upgrading my ibook and preparing for my first show with my new solo project, panda can party.
yes, roshan deserves some love for keeping the blog up.
yes, "no homo" is the most ridiculous statement a person can make.
yes, puppies and kittens are cute.
yes, i will do your hair.
yes, i'm currently watching the home improvement E! true hollywood story.
yes, i'm an alcoholic.
yes, more posts are coming from me (and a new layout for the blog).

- panda

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