Thursday, March 20, 2008

mos def - true magic (2007)

attn: anyone who says mos def has fallen off:

kiss my ass.

dude's so on point, it's ridiculous. if you ain't in the real, then you ain't in the real. true magic is a display of the rawness mos def is capable of. i heard so much shit talked about this album, but man.. get real. this shit is HIP HOP to the fullest. get off whatever college rapper you're listening to right now and get on this shit.. either cause you missed it the first time, or you just didn't give it a chance.

mos def on myspace.

download true magic:

- panda is so sinserious about it.

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Phate, Mad Scientist said...

Def a hot album. Mos has a lot of haters. But you gotta respect dude he is a ginuwine artist. People def gotta take time and really listen to him.