Monday, July 28, 2008

astra moveo - new songs + downloads

staying out all night + grinding on strangers + making love + rinse + repeat = astra moveo.

you might remember astra moveo from a post i did when we first started up the blog. anyway, the colorado beast are back with two new tracks, "kill ya stereo" and "shake the heavens". put on your sunday best before hitting the play button, because i promise you'll be grinding on the first person you see once they start (and we all like to look our best for a good grind session).

if you dig innerpartysystem (see a few posts down), the faint, etc.. definitely get into this. tossing in a disco/funk edge, they somehow manage to both dirty up and bring a fresh edge to the electro/rock genre. hopefully a proper release sees the light of day sooner than later.. but in the meantime, you've got these new tracks, plus i'm including the four songs they have up for download.

listen to two new astra moveo songs on myspace.

download four astra moveo tracks.

- panda moveo

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