Sunday, July 20, 2008

a whisper in the noise - dry land (2007).

imagine taking radiohead's slower, more intense moments and combining them with old nine inch nails moments where trent would strip things down and give you simple, haunting pieces, and finally adding some of the more intense moments on cursive's the ugly organ.. then imagine having this played in a dive bar in the middle of nowhere at three in the morning.

this should help give you an idea of what you're getting yourself into when you listen to this self described 'southern gothic' band. while i was reading a different review, someone mentioned david lynch-esque landscapes as a description. i really couldn't agree more. awitn aren't necessarily as avant garde, but they are definitely as dark and chilling.. while at the same time having beauty to offer with what they do. to quote part of the band's bio, "a whisper in the noise evokes a lullaby only half remembered, and the half remembered suggests a companion melody that (though unheard) is somehow unspeakably sad."

a whisper in the noise on myspace.

download dry land:

- a panda in the noise

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