Monday, July 21, 2008

we're the red light sting!

i was absolutely sure i had posted about the red light sting before. but after checking our tags/labels, i realized that apparently i haven't. fear not though.. after this post, i'm going outside and kicking my own ass.

the red light sting were the best band you never listened to when the whole dance/indie/punk thing was big in the underground a few years ago (hot hot heat, yeah yeah yeahs, etc). take one part pretty girls make graves, one part blood brothers, and one part dfa 1979.. and you'll definitely get an idea of where the red light sting were coming from. i always thought they did an amazing job of standing out on their own though. while often being compared to the bands they toured with regularly from the seattle/northwest scene, they still had their own sound that was challenging, and made for an amazing live show. i had the privilege of seeing them on their last tour with gerling and daughters and good lord.. asses were definitely danced off that night. star shaped tambourine and all.

all the members have moved on to new musical and creative endevors (ache records, the epidemic, secret mommy, winning, baby control, etc).. these kids just don't stop. here's their full length album, split with hot hot heat, and 2 ep's for you to remember (or discover) them by.

the red light sting on myspace.

download their full length, hands up, tiger:

download our love is soaking in it:

download rub em down, rub em out:

download their split with hot hot heat:

- those pandas will get you in trouble!

(p.s. to anyone that does recall this band.. did anyone else have as big of a crush on zoe as i did? two words: jogging shorts.)

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Gabe said...

I know I'm late on responding to this but Jerome is getting MAD props from me on this post. Getting to see these guys in all their glory in Vancouver a few years ago was sick. Had no idea that you kids down in Texas knew about them.