Tuesday, July 15, 2008


so today's roshan's 22nd birthday. everyone should leave sexy comments and send him sexy presents. homeboy loves n00dz (of both genders). i went down to houston for the weekend, and we destroyed our livers (and the livers of our friends). big ups to southside discotech for making me carry his tall ass up a flight of stairs. and big ups to greyhound for saving me gas money that i instead spend on vodka.

since i was in houston all weekend, we were late getting our weekly mux up. it's up now.. and it's a good one, so be sure you're checking that shit out every sunday. it's about the only thing i actually try to do on time in my life.

roshan will be out of town for the next week, so don't expect many updates from him. but in his absence, i'll actually be posting updates. i'll have one or two later tonight, and plenty over the next week.

- panda and his sneakers.


Deca said...

A: Happy birth to the day.
B: That Busta Rhymes song plays on a dvd where I work. That track is so so good.
C: I just picked up The Cool (so so late I know)and went and checked out Lupes Wiki, at the bottom is a huge list of mixtapes and what not, do you guys know where I could hear any of that stuff?
D: Never heard Bear colony before, <3 your mux for showing me this

Deca said...


E: Jaguar Love, is that the guy from The Blood Brothers? This song is so awesome.

Kam said...

happy bday