Monday, July 28, 2008

movie review: the wackness (2008)

so i caught the wackness last night, and i'm completely content with it. to clear it up, the movie isn't necessarily groundbreaking or amazing, but it is definitely well-done. aside from a few cheesy lines (especially the line where the movie's title originated from, haha), there is solid dialogue.

josh peck (yes, from drake and josh) has a bright future. the only advice that i hope someone has already given him is to try not to be pigeonholed into one role and one genre, like john cho. but the transition in his roles from drake and josh to the wackness is extreme, and i feel like there should've been some sort of gap that needed to be bridged.

there was a solid cast, too. ben kingsley is awesome, aside from being extremely creepy. now, i'll save you from spoilers, but the images from one scene have forever been burned into my mind. the worst aspects of the movie were method man's god awful jamaican accent (i'm not convinced) and mary-kate olsen as a drugged out hippie. seriously.

above all, the soundtrack is incredible. any fan of old school hip-hop will be more than happy to see mentions and clips of a tribe called quest, biggie smalls, nas and biz markie among many others. aside from being historically accurate, the soundtrack was intertwined with the movie in true spike lee fashion.

oh, and pick up/find the soundtrack immediately.

grade: B-

also, i'll leave you with this creepy picture of josh peck:



Steven said...

The Wackness Soundtrack

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ohhhh steven



Anonymous said...

fuck my theater for not having this.