Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the sound of animals fighting - the tiger and the duke re-issue (2007)

the sound of animals fighting announced their tracklisting and posted their artwork today, and it reminded me to throw on this album again.

i still remember when this album dropped. a. green, members of finch and rx bandits. at the time i lost my shit. anyway, the new album is apparently the original lineup sans craig owens, keith goodwin and the indian lady. sounds good to me.

tsoaf on myspace


-the sound of grizzlies fighting


Kam said...

new sound of animals fighting album coming soon!

Come to the Meridian Sunday,July 20th to catch me opening for Rx Bandits,Portugal the man,and facing new york!

<3 kam

roshan said...

ugh don't remind me. i'll be out of town though, so i'll have to miss the show.

Anonymous said...

i'll be at the dallas show. me ftw. roshan ftl.

- jerome

roshan said...

jerome is too lazy to login. how the fuck is he gonna find his way to a show?

Kam said...

heart breaking <3