Monday, July 7, 2008

spitalfield - remember right now (2003)

what a criminally underrated band. i'm sure many of you agree, as that seems to be the general consencous on many a message board.

i never liked lumping these guys into the pop punk genre. to me, they always stood out as more of an angular, big guitar based indie rock band with pop sensibilities similar to bands like hot rod circuit (but i suppose putting that on an album sticker would be difficult). also like hot rod circuit, they quietly released great album after great album before disbanding due to financial/business difficulties (aka shitty pop punk bands getting all the hype these bands deserved). anyway, grab this album if you never gave it a chance or never caught on to a great band.

i suppose after the name drops, i should probably do a hot rod circuit post. word.

spitalfield on myspace.

download remember right now:

- panda the ripper (if anyone can connect the reference to spitalfield, i'll give everyone in america a dr pepper. just like guns n roses).

p.s. spitalfield >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> fall out boy.

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Deca said...

What a fantastic album. Hi5.