Thursday, June 19, 2008

cody chesnuTT - the headphone masterpiece (2002)

the best thing you can possibly do for yourself is get this album for the cred. i mean, come on, how dope and in the know will you be next time you're on your favorite message board and you drop this name. mother fuckers will be like "yoooooooo, this cat is down."

what you will discover, once (if) you give the album a chance, is exactly what you read in the album's title. a lo-fi masterpiece made in a bathroom, by a man who's as strange as he is soulful. this album would be the end result of jimi hendrix, sly stone, and d'angelo sitting around painting their ideal portrait of a musician.

it's confusing, it's raw, it's soulful, it's sexual.. it's what you should be listening to right now.

cody chesnuTT on myspace.

download the headphone masterpiece:

(p.s. obligatory mention about chesnuTT being featured on the roots classic single "the seed 2.0" (a remake of chesnuTT's "the seed").

- the panda masterpiece


whyte39 said...

download keeps timing out :(

Anonymous said...

weak. i'll check it out tomorrow and re-up if it's still doing it.

- panda

roshan said...

nah it works, i just grabbed it now.