Monday, June 30, 2008

video: glastonbury festival live sets: jay-z/lupe fiasco(2008)

i just spent the last hour watching the shit out of these sets. lupe plays an incredible set and made sure to drop lines about why hip-hop is still alive. young h-o-v sets the venue on fire. he freestyles over a millie, has a wonderwall cover, and runs through a shit load of his old hits. highly recommended.

lupe fiasco - full set live at glastonbury (video)

jay-z - full set live at glastonbury (video)


p.s. i just watched the HOV set for the second time and it is just as revolutionary.


Deca said...


This Lupe set is making me all the more sadder I missed the Glow in the Dark Tour. Also. It's totally been a week, WTB new muxtape!

weworemasks said...

what is wtb???

haha, sorry

Deca said...
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Deca said...

Whoops. Warcraft talk got in the way of my social life again. 'Willing to Buy'.

That said, you should check out I Married My High School Sweat Heart. It won't change your life, but it's so catchy and fun.

Myspace for it

I took to heart the hyperlink thing as well, makes everything look so clean.