Wednesday, June 18, 2008

dvd recap: jay-z - fade to black (2004)

this isn't an official review, rather just something that i decided to blog about. as a huge HOVA fan, i can't believe i hadn't purchased or watched this before yesterday. this entire DVD is the only proof you need to backup claim's of hov's greatness and his contribution to hip-hop. it's filled with cameos of some of hip-hop's finest who worship his work, both on and off stage.

throughout the documentary of his "final show," you get these snippets of him working in the studio, intertwined with his live set at MSG and the energy he has is unparalleled by most. being able to watch 100% of madison square garden lose their shit over one guy has to be one of the dopest things a fan of hip-hop could want to be a part of. it's no wonder the man's american gangster tour sold out in minutes.

if hov actually retired, this would've been the best way to go out.

i recommend buying a used copy off of amazon or something, which is what i did. best 6 bucks i've spent in a while.


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