Monday, June 23, 2008

we wore masks. - excuses, excuses (2008).

dear artists/readers that have been emailing us/myspace messaging us/instant messaging us,

we are sorry for the following things:

1. not responding promptly.
2. getting drunk, checking our email/myspaces/IMs, passing out before responding, and forgetting we read the emails the next day (this is the case more times than not).
3. being brown.

if you're an artist, don't be afraid to follow up (p.s. we encourage artists of ALL mediums to get at us, not just musicians). if you're a reader, don't be afraid to keep dropping knowledge on us. and if you're either of those and have never gotten in contact with us.. please feel free to befriend us (we'll be creating a wwm myspace page in the not too distant future), email, IM, etc.

thanks for the support.. because we're brown, we couldn't survive without it.

- jerome/roshan/panda/grizzly

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