Friday, June 27, 2008

snowgoons (2008)

my boy kyle (who has probably given me 79 recommendations since the blog started) put me onto the snowgoons, and "wow" is all i have to say. snowgoons are a production duo out of germany and the entire album is a compilation of sorts, featuring a shit load of emcees. seriously, a shit load.

their most recent album 'black snow' has been bumped constantly for the past few days, and the east coast flavor really shines. above all, the entire album basically breaks faces and ruins lives.

since it's a new album, it's not getting posted, but here's a little taste. if you like any of these tracks, i suggest checking out 'black snow' immediately.
recommended listen for any fan of lyrical hip-hop. .

snowgoons on myspace


snowgoons - black snow
snowgoons - who?
snowgoons - this is where the fun stops


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