Saturday, June 28, 2008

eye alaska - yellow & elephant ep (2008)

ok, so let's try to look past that the picture above me looks like four d-bags went ape shit in their local forever 21, and get to the fact that these dudes have a real soulful thing goin on. they're kind of like the fearless records version of as tall as lions. crooning vocals, jazzed out tempos, and laid back rhythms. this is some real chilled out, summer nights shit. i suggest picking up that girl you've been feelin' this summer, taking her for a late night drive, putting "roll right over" on, and letting eye alaska take care of the rest..

their ep 'yellow & elephant ep' is new.. which means you aren't getting the entire thing here. but here's a couple of tracks to get you started. get dowwwwwwn.

eye alaska on myspace.

download roll right over.
download i knew you'd never fly.

- eye panda

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