Monday, March 24, 2008

the futile - demo ep (2008)

"this is my breakdown.. so let's see you dance."

the futile (aka some british kid named nathan), is a breath of fresh air in the singer/songwriter/home recordings genre. intensely personal/introspective lyrics, well placed electronic flourishes, and catchy melodies make this something i can find myself listening to regularly without getting bored. plus, he's giving the ep away, so i thought i'd try to get him some hype. spread the word about this one, i can see this one going places.

the futile on myspace.

download the futile ep (his link):

- the panda


Anonymous said...

this is what i'm talking about


whyte39 said...

it says that it is temporarily unavailable:(

jerome said...

try again, it just worked for me.

you the man for this one blake. i got the rec from your review.