Monday, March 31, 2008

tricky - pre millenium tension (1996)

tricky has had quite a career to this point. an early member of massive attack, dating bjork, movie appearances (see the 5th element), fist fights with goldie, constant tension with both the american and british media, etc, etc.

put all that aside, and the dude has made some of the most innovative albums within the trip hop genre (a label he absolutely hates.. my bad). maxuinquaye may be his most praised album, but this is my personal favorite. the song christiansands is one of my favorite songs of all time. harsh, half whispered-half sung-half rapped vocals set the course for the album, alongside long time collabator (and babys momma) martina topley-bird's soothing vocals. musically, the album is moody, the beats are on point, and the album is about as far from cohesive as it gets.. in a good way. i got introduced to this album when i was in jr high by my older brother, and it still gets consistent play. get in on what little panda was feeling back in the day.

video for christiansands:

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- panda

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