Saturday, March 1, 2008

rails to russia (2008)

i recently got an email telling me to check these guys (and girl) out. definitely a good call, considering we've gotten a few less-than-stellar requests in the same vein. rails to russia is a fresh group out of brooklyn, new york, and they play the type of rock meant for stadiums and festivals. not in a shitty radio rock way though. as for the sound, fans of muse, mute math or something similar to those groups could definitely get down to this. the band is currently busy recording a new album and perfecting their live show. definitely excited to hear more from them in 08. in the meantime, get on these tracks.

p.s. i love the band name.

check em out on myspace:

rails to russia on myspace.


turning into you

turning into you (lissmore remix)

-grizzlies to russia

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Anonymous said...

These guys sound great. catchy but not corny...definitely looking forward to hear what else they got in the works.