Wednesday, March 12, 2008

placebo - meds (2006)

placebo are a band who's name you may have heard a million times without ever actually listening to them (i'm sure we all know that one art kid that worships lead singer brian molko). well make this your chance to get into it. fans of moody alt-rock like ours, portishead, etc.. should definitely be able to get into this. i wouldn't necessarily call this their best album, but it's a great intro to the band. the classic placebo formula is definitely there.. androgyny, lyrical references to sex/drugs/love, catchy/melodic choruses, and so on. if you're already a fan, then you know what's up.. if not, here's your chance to join the cult.

placebo on myspace.

download meds:

p.s. these dudes easily have the best album covers ever. just look at this one, and sleeping with ghosts.

- panda

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