Tuesday, March 4, 2008

concert review: justice (march 3, 2008)

before i say anything:

1. i'm not trying to rub this in panda's face
2. number one is a lie
3. apologies for number two

this shit went off. i'll keep it short and simple: don't miss this show.

this was the first time i've seen justice, and they have a hell of a stage presence for two glorified DJs. they pretty much played all of †, we are your friends, and a couple of remixes for the encore, including METALLICA'S MASTER OF PUPPETS (???) no lie.

oh and mehdi was dope as well. fancy was supposed to play, but cancelled. whatevs.

also, i'd like to thank the dipshit in austin, texas who decided to wear a bunny costume and CROWD SURF (yes, not a typo) at a justice show. i'd also like to thank this bunny for kicking me in the face and giving me a nosebleed. i hope you enjoyed the 6 punches to the face/back of the head. it was well worth my ejection from stubbs.

holla back bunny, i live in houston. we have unfinished business. and i won't be wearing a grizzly bear costume.


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Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaha you are my hero