Sunday, August 10, 2008

august spotlight: the gallery

so, amidst the hot ass texas weather of august, weworemasks aka the bears aka the laziest brown people on this side of the prime meridian aka jerome and roshan have come up with a new feature. every month, we'll put up a little sidebar for a featured band.

our first spotlight is a band out of western massachusetts, the gallery. the group is releasing their debut LP ...if you know what i mean this tuesday, so be sure to check out the sampler and exclusive video, as well as adding them to your myspaces and what have you. this band has a tight sound and will hopefully turn some heads with this new release.

add the gallery on myspace!

here is an exclusive studio video:

and don't forget to download the two song sampler here.

-the bears


Anonymous said...

i'm liking this!

Gabe said...

i am not liking this.

Anonymous said...

i am liking not liking liking this.

roshan said...

hahaha, what the hell? amazing.