Wednesday, August 6, 2008

peter toh - wildlife (2008)

okay, there's a few things i'm going to need you to do before listening to this freshly released peter toh song:

1. build a fire (if you don't have a fireplace, you'll need to build a fireplace).
2. skin a bear (roshan will let you use him). lay said bear skin down in front of the new fireplace.
3. find the sexiest girl you know. that one shorty that's been makin your head spin all day.
4. turn on this song.
5. lay said girl down on bear skin rug in front of newly made fireplace.
6. make love till the sun comes up.

get the idea? dig that.

listen to wildlife at peter toh's myspace.

- pandalife.

p.s. this album is seriously going to be next level. do yourself a favor and get on board now so you can say you were ahead of the hype train once the rest of the listening world catches on.

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