Thursday, August 28, 2008



first of all, with lyrics like i'm coming clean with myself/drinking the whiskey down seems to help, you're gonna score automatic points with alcoholics like roshan and myself.

rising from the ashes of wonderful houston bands the record time, little compass, and the belle curve, stadium are a shining example of music that's going unheard in texas by the rest of the world. i'd riyl them to fans of jimmy eat world, spitalfield, hot rod circuit, and the get up kids. impeccable duel harmonies, big guitars, and bigger hooks.

you can download their debut ep change of plans, we're coming home for 6 bucks on their wonderfully designed myspace page (joon photography/valentone media WHAT UP). in the meantime, here's two songs to get you started. cave in, cave in.

stadium on myspace.

download ground zero.
download coming clean.



Anonymous said...

any ideas where i can find a digital or hard copy of the ep? their myspace isn't helping.

roshan said...

itunes has the ep!